I started using Melaleuca toothpaste about three years ago — always trying to do the “natural“ thing. I have only recently started to wonder if it is good for me at all.

Realizing I was starting to have teeth problems again I decided I needed to brush more frequently and more vigorously. I have only recently begun to decide that is causing even more pain in my teeth & gums. I had a lot of tooth problems before I found out that gluten was robbing my body of nutrition. For five years after getting rid of gluten I didn’t have a cavity, I didn’t have to have a root canal, my teeth were perfect.

I am only now beginning to think it is only the Melaleuca toothpaste that is causing me trouble because I’m having tooth problems all over again and I’m still not doing gluten. I pray I will be able to recover from the damage that has evidently been done and the only thing I can guess is the toothpaste.

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