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Melaleuca has taken 66 out of my account without any warning even AFTER my account was cancelled! When I called their customer service, they were very rude and did not try to remedy the situation.

I have written the company and I am still waiting for a reply! If the same people that are in charge of this phones and the same people in charge of the email...

I am not looking forward to the response. Also, they supposedly sent out some "back up order" that I didn't even order and once I receive that, I am supposed to send it back stating why I don't want the products and how I want a refund, AND I have to send the products back using my own funds, instead of them keeping the bs that they are sending me--- that I NEVER ordered!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service, not as described, wrongful take of payment... the list goes on.

Monetary Loss: $66.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I find it hard to believe that customer service was rude. I have been a customer for three years and they have been nothing but respectful, helpful, and pleasant.


They are charging you money after your account was canceled? I doubt it.

If you made out the proper cancellation form and sent it in before the last day of the month, (making sure they'd get it before the first of the next month), they can't send you another backup order. They do have time frames that things have to be done. If you don't observe those , then you are subject to a back up order. Open the box, take the shipper out, turn it over and make the paperwork out , return to sender and check the refund box.

Not a big deal. They don't have rude customer service people. Its not in their blood. The back up order is explained in the presentation and they send it out when you don't order or forget to order in a month.

You are asked three times during the presentation and you have to initial the box , that you understand the back up order and what its for. AND there is also a 90 day feel better guarantee or your money refunded in FULL.

I guess when you were looking at the catalog you failed to see that too, and it is explained in the presentation. Sorry for you loss.


You comment on everyone's post... you must work for them!

Also, do not try to tell me "you doubt" they're taking money out of my account. Because guess what??

They did! Instead of spewing your *** on post that don't even concern you, get a life!


Hahah completely agree with Anonymous. 'Rltorlai' is a joke, get a real job & stop scamming people.


I just received my “backup” order and was deducted $125 by melaleuca . Pissed

@leela raj

Why are you pissed about it. You knew that the back up orders automatically get processed if you don't place your order to maintain your account.

Second you should have set up your back up order to the minimum requirement which would have only cost you approx $70 with tax and shipping. Third if you knew you were not going to order for any reason and didn't want the back up order to get filled you should have suspended your account until you were ready to order.Don't blame the company they are very clear about the back up order when you signed up. Lastly if the person who signed you up should have explained this if you were not clear on it if you reached out to them.

You could have also used the online live help for your situation.Hope this helps not trying to get on you; only educate you. This was preventable!


The reason I'm pissed is the same reason you took the time to comment on this... because I wanted to! Goodbye troll!

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