Portage, Indiana

If anyone has an account with melaleuca be very careful if you cancel because they rip you off , the paper work says cancel one way the internet states cancel another, and after you call them and cancel, they take the monies from your account anyway ship products a full two weeks after they have taken monies, without authorization, and notified you sale representative they will not be receiving their monthly share of your monies because you cancelled your account. If you return the product, you never ordered because you cancelled you account, completely unopened they take 20.00 of your money and the give you the remainder as a credit on an account you closed a month earlier.

I know what I call that and what all other Americans would call that too. Beware they are not a consumer friendly company.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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They will not let you cancel over the phone. Before I joined I knew how to cancel.

You have to fax or mail in the form you download and print off from the website.

It also has to be before the 25th of any month. They do not send you anything without you knowing.


Had you actually read the conditions or listened when you called you would have known that you must send in the mail WRITTEN confirmation that you wish to cancel with the reason, date, member # or phone # and your signature, its that easy! next time pay attention!


and it has to be before the 25th day of the month in which you wish to cancel :zzz


So do you work for the company. My experience was AWFUL.

I did read the information and followed the RULES.... Still had problems canceling.....


This is correct, you email or fax a hand written letter or form you can get off the website, before the 25th of the month and they will suspend your account. Someone either failed to tell you this or you just misunderstood.

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