Greenville, South Carolina
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I had a family member who is in it and she talks about how much she like's the products and I should join them. So I did for a 1.00 once I tgot into the program and start looking at the things they offer.

I being to question myself why is that I have to spend a 100.00 for some products which I do not know if my family and I could use them or not. I tried to change my card on file to give them another card and guess what IT WAS A NO. I said okay I contact my bank and told them I had did something stupid yes STUPID. Anytime you give a company your card they can go and do whatever to your account.

I put a stop on that situation and cancel my card. Some people like it I say go for it.

Me personally I like to save money and keep my piece of mind knowing what's going on with my account. It's NO for me...

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

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