I like how Melaleuca has marketing people writing all of these positive reviews on a site where people are COMPLAINING ABOUT THEM :| Their products are subpar, not natural, not organic, and overpriced. Their customer service comes of "oh so nice," but when you try to quit the company, get a credit and forget about a refund...you'll encounter the NOT so nice management.

They are NOT about refunding anything. They'll give you "credits" towards returned purchases, but you'll never see your money again. Also, when you try to cut the cord, they'll claim they never received your OPT OUT form and continue to bill you.

There are much better products on the market and with a little reasearch, you CAN find them. Forget this pyramid scam/scheme!

Monetary Loss: $150.

  • returns and refunds
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Well said. The biggest problem was meeting the 35 points per month for less than about $80-$100 per month.

You can do that if you only buy vitamins, but otherwise you are hard pressed. MOST people DO NOT like ALL of the Melaleuca products. That's the thing. They make some things great, and other things crap.

Some things are a bargain, and others are not. The only food product that was worth it's cost to me and my taste buds and budget was the popcorn. The vitamins are overpriced and don't do what they say they do. My mom's bloodwork came back poorer after 3 months of using the vitamin packs, and then the customer service rep actually said, "I can't believe that because they worked for me." Well, Momma ain't you!

It's like she was accusing me of lying. My advice is to find someone through whom you can order.

They do have the absolute best microwave popcorn I've ever had in my life. I miss it terribly.


Hey, Anon. 'There's sure no problem purchasing more than 35 points in my home (5 or 6 items out of nearly 500!)---two people, probably avg.

250 points every month--just what we use. The science behind the vitamins is remarkable, hard, provable science, UNLIKE ALL THE OTHERS I know of, but if you choose not to use them--sorry for you! If all you were using was 35 points, you did not have the vitamin regimen that created all of the excitement and changes in the body. It is 42 points, as I recall.

There is NOTHING else like it. Your choice, of course. It is EASY to close your account 24/7. Just open your shopping account online, go to "My Account" and the form is there to close or suspend your account.

You also have the option of paying regular price, with no point commitment. 35 is just the minimum to get the 30%-50% discount, Loyalty Dollars, and all the other benefits of membership.

If all you have purchased is 35 points in a month, you have missed the benefits of switching to the exceptional, safer, lower priced products at Melaleuca. Once you switched, you'd never want to settle for less.


Me personally I’ve been a faithful member of Melaleuca for approximately seven months now. I absolutely love Everything that I’ve ever purchased.

I’ve compared their products to regular store brands and the difference is Amazing to me! I rarely Ever leave a review on Anything but I’m choosing to leave one here because I simply live by my Melaleuca products now! There customer service is Amazing! I lost my job back in July of 2018 and I couldn’t believe the way Melaleuca came through for me.

They gave me a credit voucher of $56 the representative asked if he could pray with me I said yes AND literally every other week that representative would call and check on me to see if I’ve found employment!! I thought that was Amazing! That was truly going above and beyond to me!

Nevertheless I believe in their vision and their products! #happyMelaleucaCustomer


Well said. Thank you. People need to be aware BEFORE they sign up.


i want out ive read enough of the reports cant get money back i wanted to quit in sept they wouldnt let me get any products i tried but guess payment was due too close to getting my products cant believe i have 750.00 now to spend the guy was supposed to sent me a link to cancell this makes twice now and never got an email not happy next step will be attorney general and report them for not doing there end of the bargain


i just cancelled on the last day of the month in october. there was no hassle.

no cost. no problems. i have never had any issues with this company doing what they said they would do.

i just reactivated today. couldnt be more excited to get my products back in my home!


Not quite sure what you wanted----you wanted to quit buying, but they wouldn't let you get products? I know for fact you can close your account at any time for any reason.

There's a form on your account so you just fill it out and return it. Then the account is closed, almost instantly. If you're remaining a customer, and are unhappy with a product, you just get a credit because you're shopping all the time anyway. If you are closing your account and have returned a product they certainly do give refunds---no problem.

I've referred other shoppers and have never heard of a problem closing an account. They need to be informed in writing if you want to close your account, but it can be done online.

They just can't close it with a phone call. They've really made it easy if someone wants to close, but most people just love the products, and it costs less to use than they're used to paying for toxic stuff in the stores.


Have not had a problem yet as far as I know terminating my association with Melaleuca but it has only been a few days... however I was sold on the "natural safe ingredient" part which was totally untrue.

There is shellac and a compound called ferrous ammonium ferricyanide which is on the FDA list of carcinogenic dangerous substances and this is in the eye liner - anything that goes in the eye goes straight into the blood stream and I don't want any substance ending in cyanide in or near my eyes.

Now as for the business they say they are not multilevel - this is a lie, they say that you can make money easily and not like other MLM's where you have to be on the highest level, that is a lie - I bought into this and very shortly after I joined I was told that I had to think about getting a ridiculous amount of people signed on in the first month just to make $500 or so...

It was over ten people a month ... also they wanted me to make the usual list of all the people I know, my sponsor assured me that I would not have to recruit all my buddies - but that changed as soon as I signed on, then as for the leads I was supposed to get.... I could get them at ten dollars a lead.

I had two of my friends sign up the first month and one of them returned the product immediately, she said the tile cleaner did not work and had an awful smell - I googled it only to find that many people complained about the smell of it and said it did not work... my other friend just could not afford to have a monthly deduction taken out of the bank automatically...

the 35 points turn from $60 or so into $80 with shipping.

Now they tell you not to say the name Melaleuca when setting people up to see the video that sells the product. They tell you to call it HMS home marketing system... why the bait and switch?

They claim to be such an honest open company.

At your own pace?

every day there was an email or a demand to attend an online meeting. It is a MLM, it is anything but natural, the products are small - they say concentrated, I say overpriced, the food products are no different than any protein shakes that you can get at Walmart, and the quality is no better and the stuff costs much more than what you normally spend in the grocery store or Walmart.


Thank you for a well written, accurate evaluation. I'm hoping that many read this before they become so, so disappointed.


your comments are very sad. Everyone I know use Melaleuca.

No Joke. It is obvious you have not used the product.Melaleuca products are superior to tide. Firstly all of their cleaning products are excellent. They don't fade your clothing, and They use things like Thyme in their cleaners and clove and others.

So there product is very user friendly. Because, Bleach, Ammonia, Lysol, these are very toxic to your breathing environment. The public (including me) has been brand washed. These products are VERY CONCENTRATED.

1 16 oz bottle of cleaner equals 3 16 oz bottles. For the price you pay for one quality product in the store. So you get 3 for one. You can't beat that no matter how you shake it or spell it.

So you haven't used the products. You may try them without reading or following the instructions. The customer service will help re program your brain. I had to got through the learning process.

Now everyone I know will not go without the Kitchen dishwashing liquid. It beat all of them on the market.The best cleaners are the bathroom and kitchen cleaners. Everyone has a favorite. How about cleaning the tile in your bathroom.

Wait until you see brand new tile in your bathroom and how easy it is to clean. It was unbelievable when I discovered it.How about Washing liquid. It is very concentrated you only need a 1/2 oz. per wash.

It has no phosphates, bleach, formaldehyde etc. It washes 96 loads. $17.49 with a pump. It is bio-degradable.Why do we have 1 million customers who swear by it.

I could go on about all their products. Basically you will love not needing to go the store and walk around for miles and hours and then stand in line.

I have used all of bathroom and kitchen cleaners and they are awesome and excellent. Follow directions please.


In response to DJ comments below, while people enjoy some of the food items of the over 350 products available most of the products ordered by customers are non-grocery consumables. You can't buy Milk, eggs

or butter.


Some people are just plain nasty when it comes to negotiating a conflict with

a company or anyone. It would easier if they just told the whole truth, but I guess

embellishments are to be expected from some folks !


Finally, somebody else that sees they are absolutely NOt all natural as they claim. Their children's toothpaste has aspartame in it.

The sustain drink has the artificial sweetener sucralose in it. Wake up people just because a company wants you to believe its all natural doesn't make it so!


'Should have done your homework. Melaleuca does not claim the term "all natural" but rather, they state that they do not use toxic ingredients.

Poison mushrooms are "all natural" but its probably not a good idea to consume them.

NO, aspertame is NOT used in children's toothpaste, but vegetable-derived xylitol is used. Dentists recommend it, and it is not harmful to the teeth.

The major sweetner of Sustain is from fruit. A little sucralose is used (made from table sugar)---still considered the safest low or non-caloric sweetener, except for stevia, which many people find to be rather bad-tasting. When science finds something to be unsafe, Melaleuca won't use it.

It's funny that people who would make a statement about sucralose so often use bleach, Cascade, Tide, candles with toxic ingredients and wicks, popcorn in toxic bags, and other easily-identifiable hazardous ingredients.


Sucralose is made from chlorine! Not table sugar lol table?

How about floor or cabinet sugar! Wake up


Quite a bit of info on


It's made from sugar modified with chlorine ATOM. It explains it quite well.

Over 100 credible scientific studies worldwide deem it safe.

Too bad they didn't have the benefit of your knowledge.


This is not a SCAM. You order products.They send you exactly what you order.

Nothing else. How is that a SCAM? If they get your order wrong, typically they let you keep the product and order what you asked for originally. How is that a SCAM?

I know! It 's happened to me twice. Hardly a Scam! Even Melaleuca does not claim to have the best products on the market...BUT what they claim is high quality ingredients that are safe.

It's true...Again, No SCAM here. If you want to drop out "fax then a note to cancel before the end of that month" and you're membership is cancelled. I know I did this once!

It's not rocket science...just follow their directions. They even provide a link for 'cancellation'.

Couldn't find those "amazingly better" products you claim are so much better and came back to Melaleuca.

Merijo A

I know firsthand that this person doesn't have a CLUE! The Melaleuca products are SO much better than name brands I used to use, and yes, I've had friends who have closed their accounts, and it takes less than five minutes.

Prices? My major cleaner is less than $1 a bottle! If a regular customer (shopper) is shopping all the time, they are happy to get a credit if they return a product (even empty) because they're SHOPPING and will use it. Those who close their accounts certainly CAN get refunds, though I don't know anyone personally who's asked for a refund.

BTW--you cannot close your account by phone. Writing a note, or doing the online form is simple.


I have been a customer with Melaleuca for more than 3 years now and we love the products! A good thing I could write about Melaleuca is its wonderful Consumer Direct Marketing program.

I love it. You can choose not to be part of it, but why not? It's allows you to receive commission checks for people doing their grocery shopping with Melaleuca. They may be people who were placed under your organization by someone else.

It's a fixed organizational 5x7 matrix in that eventually the spaces are filled up with customers and some of them may flow into customers that are not building the business, just like you, and you may receive a check every month for doing nothing. You're check might not be big enough, but if you think a little about it, that's savings for you.


That statement is Totally UNTRUE as I have had 4 People in 2 Years that have had 100% cash Back refunds!

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