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This company requires you to have a back up order every month. Even if you do not need their products you will be obliged to order to maintain a what they call "prefer membership" wherein you get discounts, which is actually not discount at all.

What 's worst is, they deliver products that you did not even choose. Stay away from this company not unless you want your pockets be ripped off every month. Also, do not be carried away with pressure selling. I have explained to them that there are only two members in our household and that we cannot consume much.

Still they insist that we pay for back up orders that I do not even use. I was expecting that they would deliver the same products that I ordered before because I found these products useful to us.

They delivered useless items instead. They welcome returns only...at your expense.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Melaleuca Cons: Commitment to a monthly order.

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They do not require you to have a backup order, they suggest it! If you signed up for it, thats your fault. Im on their website now and in no place does it say its required.you idiots are the types to make a business get bad reviews because of stupidity not understanding something!


Yes we do have a backup order that they have us do. BUT you can go in and setup what you want on your backup order. I have never seen where we are not required to have a back up order.


you can choose your back up order by customize your own. ordering from melaleuca is a little bit tricky, but once you know the trick you are all set.

they won't eat your money away, you got few % of shopping dollars back, and you can buy stuffs for free. and you shouldn't be waiting till you got your back up order, you need to be buying monthly, especially before the 20th, you will get more % shopping dollars back. Don't be mad at melaleuca, you need to know more about it in frequent ask questions and answers.

and by the way, the back up order is not hidden message, it is printed on the customer form....is not their problems to send you the stuffs you don't need, it is your problem to not follow the rules. Solution: shop smarter.


I had this problem but found out that you can set up your back up order to get the products you like or you can order a convenience certificate. With this you can purchase products when you need them.

Of course I am sure that they expire at some point. I also can't use enough product for the amount you are required to pay each month, I have saved up my convenience certificates and plan to do a big order on the products I know I love and try some of the cosmetics that are so expensive.

The only downfall to this is the shipping is very high. That is my huge complaint.


When everyone watches the company overview they tell you up front that you do need to shop every month unless you close your account. You can custom make your back up order.


We have been shopping for several years. We set our back up order to things we like.

I review if several times a year and adjust as needed. We enjoy the shopping experience.

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