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I can't get rid of this company and have grown to hate them, their name, their boxes, their logo, and DEFINITELY their automatic monthly bills.

I am now going to find a fraud dept or someone in the Better Business Bureau who will help me stop them.

I have searched their site and have tried 5 Internet search engines trying to find their official "cancel me" form. There doesn't appear to be one.

I have tried to stop the automatic monthly order (for my convenience, of course) that will keep me in good standing as a "preferred customer. " No go.

They don't seem to give a rip about their company staying in good standing with me. I haven't been able to stop the @#!%*# monthly back-up order no matter what I have tried. I never suspected it would be such a trap.

Their products are not bad, though their business practices now have me suspicious about all their other claims. While not bad, all the products are quite overpriced at the "preferred customer discount" much less at their regular prices which are absolutely outrageous.


I tried to just stop the auto order/bill but they won't let me.

I tried just canceling the items from the order, but the form won't accept changes that total less than the 35 pt/ $70 minimum.

I tried to stop being a preferred customer, but that obviously doesn't stop the auto orders that keep me one.

Phone support for orders is much more available than customer service which only works business hours on week days. Huh. Customer lack of service so far...

Most frustrating of all has been the searching for how to escape from the company's clutches. I have to mail in their non-existent form before the 25th of the month, but here I am sitting here on the 14th, with this month's accursed box sitting next to me with RETURN TO SENDER written in huge red magic marker on it.

Wish me luck. I am off to do battle once again.

I SURE wish I had seen this site before I signed up!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Customer Care.

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its not hard to cancel. my friend did...easy as pie !


I do not understand why someone finds it hard to understand why other users of the company would read reviews and/or comments about the company! You do understand that to gain knowledge on any subject requires reading!!

In this company we learn A LOT from each other and learn from others mistakes. Oh no sorry, that is LIFE, what was I tinking...


I mentioned this on my post but here is what you need to do to cancel. Go onto the website and sign into your account.

Then, at the top of the page should be "My Account".... click on that and on the left side of that next page is a sidebar menu.

At the bottom of that menu it says, "Suspend Preferred Customer Benefits".... click that and fill in whatever you have to fill in and then you have to click some button to download a form to fill out and either fax or mail in to them.


Why do people that work for the company read reviews about it? Big red flag


Contact the credit card company and dispute the charge.


Go to your online account next to your name and select help center click membership then general membership questions and then on how do I cancel or suspend my preferred membership download the form sign and fax # provided on form or mail it address provided on form , if they receive( key word receive) by midnight on the 25th of any month never order again wasn't meant to be tricky, if all else why not call the person that enrolled you for help after all she is probably your friend, or someone you know. Melaleuca is not out to trick anyone in to purchasing, but you just need to take the time to undrstand the preferred benefits, %30-40% savings is huge,if you are a loyal customer.


Glad someone has volunteerd to help, but it is dead simple. You write them a letter and they cancel.

There is no form you simply Say

"Dear Sir or Madam"


Please cancel my account and any bck up order.

Thank you.

Is it beyond you to do that?


I am sorry you are having a rough time. I work for them, and I would like to help you get what you want please contAct me at or call me 82841&370 35

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