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Called Melaleuca to buy some product, when the customer service rep told me I needed to talk to their customer service department. Once the other rep came on the phone, she was rude and basically accused me of defrauding their cult-like organization.

She claimed I owed them some money from before, and could not buy more unless I paid up. Problem was, I never bought from Melaleuca before. When I pushed further, the customer "collection" service rep said that they ran a skip trace on me and were certain I needed to pay, or I couldn't buy anymore. Turns out someone with a similar name (my name is John Smith, not the Pokahonta's guy) near my area with a different address and other details owed this money, but not me.

Main reasons I was pissed: 1. How dare they call me a liar. I know the truth, and am offended at the accusation. 2.

How dare they use the word skip tracing with me? Did they hire a private eye to do background checks on my person? Did they involve the authorities? Did they ruin my credit or are they about to take further legal action?

You see where I am going with this? "Skip Tracing" is what law enforcement does to catch criminals. The simple use of the word is insulting at the least, and a dangerous big brother invasion of my privacy at the worst. I think they were using it as a collection agent tactic.

They wanted to make me afraid of something, so that I pay up. Problem is, I refused to pay for any fraud or someone else's groceries. I finally called their bluff, and had my attorney look in to it. Turns out it wasn't me.

Oh yeah, it turns out it wasn't me buying Melaleuca products last month either. I now happily go to the regular retailer. So what, they make a profit? Stop being negative.

You are helping the economy while purchasing the products you want while not paying for shipping, and paying a better price than if you buy from Melaleuca.

Trust me! Don't do it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Shipping Service.

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Skip tracing is a term used in collections regarding the way they try to find people that owe a company money, it is just technical jargon. Sorry, you had that problem, I've had the same issue of mis-identity with other companies.


Esta es una gran mentira "Mr Jonh Smith" a Melaleuca no se "llama para comprar productos" en Melaleuca usted tiene que tener una membresia comprada previamente y Melaleuca tiene todos los datos personales que lo identifican como cliente y se le asigna in ID de cliente. Usted en Melaleuca no se llama Jonh Smith, uste se llama 4582658 y no otro *** ese numero asi se llame igual que usted.

si debe dinero es por que alguien *** ese numero recibio una orden preseleccionada y no la ha pagado aun. Y mientras no pague la ultima orden no puede hacer nuna nueva. Asi que su "cuento chino" no se lo come nadie.

Si quiere perjudicar a Melaleuca *** sus comentario, dejeme decirle que los que conocemos como funciona melaleuca no nos comeremos ese cuento suyo. Mejor compre en amway donde pertenece.

@Un cliente satisfecho

Antes de hablare de amway conoscanlo bien aprendan hacer profresionales y no criticen a otras companias. que son. igual que ustedes

@Un cliente satisfecho

Mi suegra, que es gringa hace años me dió un par de productos de Melaleuca que los había comprado nosé donde, pero ella no tenía ninguna membrecía ni nada. Todas esta compañias son pirámides y eso lo debe saber usted muy bien.

Ni que uno usara tantos productos en un mes. Bicarbonato de sodio, aloe vera, manzanilla, limón y vinagre funcionan muy bien, no hay necesidad de comprar productos envasados. Y mire yo si que gasto menos, y ahorro más que usted, que compra productos que seguro ni los ha abierto cuando llega fin de mes y ya le están llegando otros. Tengo un amigo que ha pasado por estas companias, prueba una, no le funciona, se pasa a otra, el ha estado *** ACN, luego Amway ( me llamó para ver si quería unirme, le dije que no gracias) y ahora The Wellness Company, le pregunté recientemente porque andaba de saltamontes de un lado para otro, no me quiso explicar, es más medio que se molesto y me respondió que él hacía lo que le daba la gana cuando le daba la gana.

Su respuesta fue suficiente para darme cuenta que él se ha dado cuenta, que estas compañias son un scam, pero le cuesta aún aceptarlo. Eso de andar vendiendo mentiras a la gente es un escándalo.

Ni los actores del video mismo se lo creen, se nota a leguas. Y bueno yo he visto productos de Melaleuca en tiendas naturistas, así que lo que dice usted no es verdad, no hay que ser miembro de nada para comprar esos productos.


My advice to you is if you don't want to deal with Melalecua, then don't. Just don't mess up the opportunity for someone else.


I think all opinions and situations should be posted both good and bad, so that no one misses out on an opportunity or avoids a scam.

I do think direct mail is a great business model, but the product is key.

You have to have a good product otherwise it's just a pyramid scheme.

I've heard over 6 different pitches now, of which NONE focused on the products or knew the answers to my questions other than one liners like like my grandma switched to X and stopped wheezing. The main focus was earning money. How you can make a million if you become corporate director level etc.

This is all good, but I'm not going to peddle a poor product or one I know nothing about or the sellers know nothing about.

I also don't like the minimums. I spend maybe 25 a month on detergent, laundry, shampoo etc. I don't want to have to put in minimum orders each month to maintain an active account.

The more research I do the less positive this company looks.

Now there are some people that don't mind spending 50 a month or higher on these types of products. As the sales pitch goes - they have mastered a new way of thinking about buying, buying for future months. That is just another way of saying overbuy and maintain a surplus, but hey some like doing that.

All these thoughts good and bad help educate future customers.

I know it may put a damper on the directors out there trying to earn income from this, but if the company is that great they should have no problem explaining the negative away.


I am super sad that people couldn't explain the products to you and why they are better I've been reading on this page for 1/2 hour now and all the negative could be gone if people took a little extra time instead of just in and out and chalk one more person down I'm in this because the products are so amazing I love everything I've ever got but I have learned from this site that I will be providing the paperwork necessary for cancelation on their membership and be very clear on what they have to do to cancel im just not to worrief about it because I love the products thats why im sharing it with people so I know they will to plus im pro made in the usa im sick of china and mexico getting all our money and I refuse to go to walmart unless it absolutely necessary they are really the worst company out there and they put our lives at risk because they will sell anything as long as the price is right but it's all in what means the most to the individual peace out


If your name is "John Smith" perhaps you shouldn't be buying stuff online.