Every club member is paid to watch videos. These videos explain everything clearly.

How people present the company can not be completely controlled that is why they pay you to WATCH the VIDEO. If you do not then... you at the problem. Lot of failed lives looking for excuses.

Melaleuca is a club/co-op not a store. Some participate most do not. They are loyal customers. As for monthly commitment.

Most are committed to brushing and washing daily. If you are a shopper at the dollar store melaleuca is not for you. Si Bella beauty line is far superior to any. I mean ANY!

less expensive. I purchase all from Mela. My protein, cretonne, enzymes, electrolyte, drink, facial stuff, Access bars, meal bars, for mid day hunger,... many others.

Did I mention Coffee. They manufacture and ship directly to end user. That's a lot of middle men. Calculate how many MILLIONS per day is spent on advertising by PG or J&J Hundreds of millions.

It is the 3rd largest industry.

Melaleuca is doing something remarkable. They started in 1985 and going strong.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Supplement.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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