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I was looking online to find something to do to earn money @ home and was contacted by a senior director and was very interested in signing up and selling the product. Then got into it and spent way too much time on the phone calling long distance numbers.

Then had alot of fears that I brought up and they were never addressed. Just kept pushing for me to buy a value pack that 3/4 of the product I would not use. I cancelled my acct and the emails would not stop. Finally blocked the person sending them.

Will not be going back to the company at all. Got my first order and ended up in the er do to an allergic reaction to the high end shampoo.

Buyer beware. Not all it is cracked up to be.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Shampoo.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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Nothing but fake positive reviews on this thread, probably all posted by the same person who, if honest, would admit they long since left this mlm business behind.


Seems like you are blaming the company for things YOU should've known better about. You were looking for something to do at home, so you were contacted by someone who assumed you meant what you said.

Now tell me, where is it in the USA that you can go into business for yourself for $300.00? I want to know, really. The Value pack is $199.00 so had you bought the value pack you would've received your money back and then some in your first 3 months. Then knowing that you have an allergy you need to read the labels to avoid ER issues.

Seems to me its all your fault. Don't slam the company because you didn't do what you were supposed to do. Nice try, but NO. I'm allergic to their deodorant so I don't use it.

Simple! Everything else is 5 stars!!


LMAO!!! I've lost count of how many defenders of various pyramid schemes use that same tired line "where in the USA can you go into business for yourself for XXX (insert a dollar amount, it varies, depending on what MLM company it is).

I wouldn't touch Melaleuca with a 10 foot pole. I don't get involved in pyramid schemes and I sure as heck won't use any of their products.


Anonymous, you wouldn't know a pyramid if it bit you in the nose. Another point is melaleuca people don't sign others up to SELL products.

Mela reps don't sell products. They don't SELL anything. Network marketing is what most of the businesses are today, and those network marketing people make tons of money which is why marketing has changed over the last 100 years...were you sleeping? You can now go on line and buy all your goods and services and have them shipped conveniently to your home.

Look at Peapods, look at all those companies EAGER to come to your home and show you their products...NETWORK marketing.

Not pyramid. Get your facts straight.


I am so sorry that that was your experience. I have a very happy customer and marketing executive for over 3 years and love not only the products, but this will be the last business I'll ever built.

@A Very Happy Melaleuca Custome

I am so sorry, but that was your experience. and most people report NOT being happy.

You are probably just a company shill. You posted this in 2014 and I pretty sure you ate your words a long time ago.


Craziest thing I've ever heard. I've been shopping 8 years and the shampoos are all natural.

You can actually pronounce the ingredients! I'm a scientist at a large biotech company and I work in the lab, I can attest to the purity of the products,. They're all pH balanced and alkaline, an allergic reaction must be to something in nature. I can't imagine a shampoo free of parabens and sulfates, fillers, sodium laurel sulfate and propelyne glycol HURT anyone.

This is by fr the best company to shop with, they're the WORLD LEADER in green products. There MUST be a reason why!


I signed up as a customer and was so pleased with the quality and value if the products I'm becoming a seller if the service I can't wait to get going and spreading the word about Melaluca to everyone I can. Awesome money saving stuff and a great business model


I signed up as a customer and was so pleased with the quality and value if the products I'm becoming a seller if the service I can't wait to get going and dreading the word about Melaluca to everyone I can. Awesome money saving stuff and a great business model


Hi, I am sorry you had a bad experience. I am a very happy customer.

I used the same high end shampoo and conditioner and was very happy with it.

It was the first product I used that did not leave my hair dry and wirey since I am latino and black mixed and have my hair natural. Also you probably did not have a good support team to help you build your business since you were making calls to people long distance instead of people within your area or neighborhood.


What was it in the shampoo? I am just a customer and LOVE the products.

I even had a problem with an order and they sent me new products for free. There was an ingredients in a lotion that my son is alergic to so I just didn't order anything with shea butter.

Sorry you had a bad experience. But as a customer I love it and the convience

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