Louisville, Kentucky

When I signed up for Melaleuca I was given the impression that I had an entire month to make my first purchase. However since I signed up at the Inn of the month my order was automatically submitted for me.

I was also told that I would only spend about $50 per month, however on my first order that I did not order It came up to $72. I was upset about this because I did not plan for anything to come out of my account at that moment. I've been decided to totally cancel my contract with Melaleuca. This was not the end of it I was expecting to receive my $72 plus the $30 for the membership kit.

I was told that I would be responsible for sending back the products that I did not order this came up to $30 on my and Melaleuca said they would not refund me for shipping. I was very upset about this but what could I do? When it was time for me to receive my refund my refund was about $10 short when I asked why Melaleuca then told me that they would not be responsible for shipping costs.

What this really means is that I spent $40 at the post office and I have nothing In return. What a rip off what a scam I hope the company goes under with these types of policies

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

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Sparky, I note your comment and how it would seem valid but I don't think that many of the companies you are referring too, do the kinds of sales volume that Melaleuca does. Over 1.1 BILLION dollars annually.

I do also believe that the way we do business is both brilliant and at the same time opens them up to bad press. Over and over again I read the complaints and rarely is the problem caused directly by the company. Customers that choose to refer others are independent and do not work for Melaleuca, this means that Melaleuca can not control what they say or do. Melaleuca has excellent training, the best I have seen in this industry,and unlike many companies the training is free. They just can't force people to learn the rules and facts, or make dishonest people honest. I also know of another company that I know has many, many complaints, maybe not on this particular site, but they are always complained about and have been for about 50 years. I hear it constantly but I don't personally have prove so I will not repeat gossip on the internet as if I had proof, however much I dislike the company.

The problems are always caused by

1. The enroller not doing the training and are saying things that are not true, or maybe just misunderstanding it themselves, or not doing the proper presentation (provided by the company for free) that explains everything.

2. The customer (all if them receive a whole kit explaining everything in book form, and DVD, and on the customers personal website) does not read their contract or the information in the Kit.

Also when you sign up you are specifically asked to sign that you understand the back-up order that you have authorized them to send you if you don't order like you signed up to do. This is Key!

I don't think a company can do much more than that! For those people who think they shouldn't have to cancel in writing, what contract is not cancelled in writing? Imagine if you had started to build a monthly income of hundreds or thousands, or even tens of thousands a month, and anyone could just phone in and cancel your account without your signature! The results would be a legal nightmare! Come on people we are in a technical world where things have to be done right! I don't think they are perfect but I do think they are a much better company than many out there and they have helped me go green and be healthier and no child in my house will ever die of swallowing the poisonous household products they sell to 99% of North America in the stores. (A child died here of that just last year and that's just the one I know).

I hope I have explained some of the things people complain about who are just not understanding, or reading what they signed and then blame the company for that.


To "Not Impressed" in North Carolina

Of course you haven't heard of it! They don't advertise on TV for a reason.

The brands you see on TV spend up to 63% of their retail cost on TV advertising and promotions. Melaleuca puts more into quality ingredients, and they reward their customers for referring others. It is a simple business model that doesn't need commercials, warehouses, or importing. The others put so much into advertising that there is little left for quality ingredients.

I don't think the fact that some person in Hendersonville, NC has not heard of it means anything, there are thousands of companies you have never heard of, you just don't know who they are, obviously. Not hearing about it in "all the places" you've lived in is no surprise, they don't sell it in all those places. It is only sold from one location. Again, stop thinking in the usual way we are brainwashed to think, about business and products, - by commercials.

And, I'm sorry to break it to you, but it HAS taken off in your area! We have thousands of customers in NC, they are just quietly ordering, month after month, instead of going to the store.

Again, you have to think outside the box, the old fashioned business model, and realize there are many different business models out there than the, slowly dying, TV commercial, buy store shelf space, warehouse and ship, sit on shelves, get taken home in hundreds of thousands of different vehicles every week, business model! It is a new day!


When have you EVER sent anything back and gotten shipping charges reimbursed????????????????????????????????????????????????????? WOW some people really need a lesson in reality!

Also, you have to know by now, ANYTIME you order anything there is always shipping charges......but at least the charges don't equal half of your order....in actuality the shipping charges a cheap compared to other companies that charge the full cost of the order for shipping and keep the money.

Did you know there are cheap ways to ship things out so you don't get screwed at the post office? Obviously not!


There are LOTS of companies who cover return shipping, FYI.


I can understand your frustration about receiving an order that you weren't prepared for because your enroller didn't tell you that you needed to place your order by the end of the month, no matter when you enroll...I enrolled on the last day of the month and I wasn't thinking about it so I didn't place my order that day...I contacted my enroller and she said if I called the company they would be able to fix it for me...I called them and sure enough everything was fine and I didn't get my backup order...I have since customized my backup order in case I forget again, I know the products will be things that I know I will use...you can't be mad at the company because you didn't get the right information, or didn't take the time to read the terms of service...I know most people don't read those because trying to understand that stuff is a nightmare, but I actually did read Mela's, and to be honest, it was probably one of the most upfront and easiest service agreements I have ever read...it's all spelled out in plain English, because they have nothing to hide...everything they sell, and even the memberships themselves are money back guarantee...this company isn't a scam, and for the person who said they will have a class action suit brought against them very soon, well they've been in business for almost 28 years, don't you think that would have been done by now if it was gonna happen?...and of course they have complaints against them on the BBB website, there isn't a company in the world that everyone is 100% happy with...people are always gonna have something to complain about...and I read those complaints too...and honestly most of them were complaining about their own mistakes, or the mistakes of the enroller and then they want to blame the company for it...every enroller receives the same training, but you can't control what people say or do...so sometimes these people who are upset, well they got a bad enroller...don't blame the company, blame the enroller...and if you aren't getting the answers you need from the person who enrolled you, contact the company and I'm sure they can help and probably even put you in touch with a different enroller who will be able to help...the products Melaleuca sells are products we all use everyday...you aren't being asked to spend above and beyond what you normally do, and yes there is a yearly membership fee, doesn't mean its automatically a scam...Costco, Sam's Club, and Bj's just to name a few all have a yearly membership fee...and in exchange for that fee you get to shop at their store and get their products at a discount...it's..the..same..thing..with..Melaleuca!!!...the added bonus with Mela is if you advertise for them and bring in new customers you get paid for it...do you get paid when you tell someone to shop with Costco or Sam's Club?...No you don't...so you are bringing those places business but you don't see any profit from that...the difference is, those companies spend money on advertising...Mela doesn't...so as a bonus to their customers they give back to them for promoting the company...it's a win win for everyone...if they were spending thousands and thousands of dollars to some big advertising company and putting commercials on tv, radio and magazines, would you be questioning the validity of the company or their products?...No you wouldn't because we as Americans have been trained to believe what we see and hear in advertising..."Oh it's on tv and some famous person is promoting it, it must be good stuff"...that famous person gets paid to advertise that product, why shouldn't we get paid to advertise for the company we are with?...stop being so close minded and take it upon yourself to really look into things and research before you start spewing your hate for a company you know very little about.


I am sorry that you had problems with this awesome company of which I have been associated with for 13 years with never a problem. I believe your enroller did not give you proper information as Melaleuca is a first rate company unlike the big name companies that offer toxic products evryday in our gocery stores that ruin our health and wellbeing.


I am sorry all of you are so brainwashed.


If this company was ripping people off, don't you think SOMEONE would have filed a Class Action Lawsuit by now?

Last year alone they did over 1 BILLION in sales, up nearly 15%!

Truth is all you need to do is pickup the phone. Explain the situation and they'll take care of it. I've NEVER heard a client tell me that Melaleuca said "No".

Unfortunately, nothing was explained to you by a lazy rep and so this is what happened. All you need to do is go into the system and SETUP your backup order, so you know EXACTLY what you get and how much it will cost before you get it.

The company has almost 400 products from Chlorine Free dishwasher detergent to low calorie sports drinks (I went from spending $150.00 a week at Publix Supermarket to about $100.00 a week, but then I spend about $150.00 a month with Melaleuca). Sure I'm not saving TONS of money, but it's still a savings PLUS I'm getting BETTER products that are safer for my family.

It sounds to me like you didn't even give them a chance and simply passed summary judgement based upon a misunderstanding of the way the company works.

P.S. You could always cancel the Automated Deliveries that's part of the Preferred Membership and simply downgrade to a Standard Membership and pay around 30% more for the products, and if you think the products are not worth more, simply look at how much something as simple as their Soap sells for on Amazon! ***, a 3 pack of the Melaleuca Gold Bar goes for $11.34 to Preferred members, or $16.50 to standard members, yet the same bars sell for $10.00 EACH on Amazon or Ebay. That's 30 bucks for the same 3 pack!


I was just offered an opportunity to work at home for this company and after reading a few of these complaints I promptly declined the offer. This sounds like a MAJOR rip off company & I won't be involved. This will be one of those companies that gets slapped with a class action suit, the lawyers will get rich & the customers, (victims), will get squat


I'm sorry but are you seriously saying that you looked online for complaints and when you found them you thought that these people were the only people who had it right? Of course all the people who are happy with Melaleuca don't sit online and post about it and there are over 850,000 of them every month.

If you read most of the complaints carefully you will see that the problems were usually caused by misunderstandings between the customer and the "rep". Most people sharing melaleuca with others are careful to be accurate but you can't control everyone and sometimes there are people who either don't know the facts or chose to ignore them to get an enrollment, they don't last long in Melaleuca believe me. What bothered me the most that you passed judgement on a 28 year old company, who has helped so many, by just reading "a few" complaints and then pronouncing them a MAJOR rip off.

I hope you are never called for jury duty on someone who has been wrongly accused, you will have made up your mind without even bothering to hear the evidence! Boy :roll


Great point, I am currently looking into being a part of this company.



There are companies that have no complaints listed at all, which a good company shouldn't, at least not many. There are hundreds of complaints against Melaleuca.


I believe checking the complaints on these kinds of things is very smart!! Especially how many and wow this company REALLY has them!!!

If I had checked here before I joined for 1$, they wouldnt have got even that! Secondly,this biz has been around since the 80s and I only heard about it 2 mos ago!?! Really?! There must be a reason I have never heard of it in all the places I've lived.

And now that I finally got an intro,I get why it never took off around here in this very "green" and health conscience area. SO overrated and just not worth it

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