Wood Dale, Illinois

I think if shipping was included we would have many more customers. Shipping shud be free for membership customers.

Direct customers shud only be charged for shipping it will be a reward for happy members and will keep them even longer. It would make them feel like v.i.ps and that them being a member and spending 35 points every month is well worth it. The price of order becomes hectic once shipping cost is added.

I have had 15 people under me and more then half has cancelled because it is becoming pricey. I know I wud have more customers if they didn't have to pay for shipping.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

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How much is shipping and handling?


Should not shud


You get advantage points on every monthly order which go towards free products thereby compensating the shipping costs. Ok could be simpler just giving free shipping however no matter what they did some people would never be happy.


should - it's spelled should, and would!


If you wash your clothes, your hair, your body, your teeth, your house it should be really easy to place a 35 point order every month! And you don't have to order every month you are not locked into any contract you can cancel or suspend your preferred benefits at ANY time, but yes you will get a back up order so you can keep all your member benefits if you don't cancel and forget to order! Sorry you were misinformed!


Did you know that Shipping is built in to the cost of all the products you buy from the grocery store? Someone has to pay for Proctor & Gamble to ship their products all the way from Singapore the a US manufacturer and then again to the grocery stores.

You are paying for shipping and driving to the store to get the product you may just not realize it.

Melaleuca also gives you 10% or 15% back in loyalty shopping dollars on your order each month - which is usually right about the cost or more than shipping.


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