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I like the Melalueca products, just can't afford them. I tried them about 5 years ago.

I decided to check out the website as a customer but saw they still had the montly commitment even as a consumer and was not interested and couldn't afford $75 plus a month. Lo and behold I get an email about my "order" and problem with payment.....what a crock of poo! I didn't order anything just looked online. Now they are auto shipping me stuff I didn't order.

So now I have to pay for this *** I didn't authorize nor order to send it back. I don't have time to deal with the post office etc.

pretty sure they mailed me all that heavy laundry detergent. SO PISSSED OFF WHAT A SHADY COMPANY

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Shady business practice.

Monetary Loss: $63.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Melaleuca Cons: How i felt entraped, How i got trapped.

  • dishonest business dealings
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These people like to throw around the PYRAMID (against the law) and MLM and see where it sticks. They really don't know what a pyramid scheme is and they also don't know what MLM is either.

They just think they do. Too STUPID to find out too.


So you just "looked online". I'm curious how they got your payment information?

That would be because you enrolled as a customer. You don't just look online and they send you an order. You sign an agreement, electronic or hard copy. This agreement states that when you enroll as a preferred customer, you will place an order each month of a certain amount.

If you don't place the order, a back up order will be shipped to you. This is to protect your preferred customer status. You should read in detail anything that you sign. This would have prevented any misunderstanding.

Also, they have a 100% guarantee.

If you don't want the products, call them. They will give you a refund.


I've never used these products and never will. Their whole mlm, pyramid scheme operation really turns me off. I refuse to reward what I personally believe to be an unethical company, with my money.


But anyone I sign up could make more money than me. So how is it a pyramid? Most other employment is a pyramid tho, most employees can never hope to make more than their boss or the owner of the company.


Not a pyramid if I can make more money then the boss! Retard


don't accept the order when it arrives. Then it will be shipped automatically back to the company


so true

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