Toledo, Ohio

I was contacted by Juan A and heard the video presentation. I talked to him and another person from Canada and after consideration and lack of time I told them that I did not want to participate at this time and that I would get back to them when and if I changed my mind at a later date.

I have not been in contact with them but I received a Back Order package from them which I did not authorize nor have I received anything in the past from them. I called to get information on returning this order and was put on hold for over 20 minutes.

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Yeah, I have to agree with Rick. How would they have your payment information unless you gave it to them?

Sounds like Juan A didn't fully understand what he was doing. This is why people end having problems...

Melaleuca is an amazing company, but some of the marketing execs have no idea what they are doing! If you are going to enroll with the company, you MUST find someone who knows what they are talking about!


Dear Anonymous, I'm having a little difficulty understanding how you could have recieved an order. The only way you could have received a back up order is if you set up an account with Melaleuca.

You would have to have given them your name, address and payment information and that would have to be accompanied by a written or verbal signature. I think your problem is not with Melaleuca, but with Juan A for fraudulantly setting up an account without your permission.

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