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NEVER sign anything regarding Melaleuca Security systems. They require a 5 year contract and do not install alarms nor have HVAC certification.

Their cameras are not made for the outdoors or the evening. They are overpriced and talk the talk, but do not walk the walk. I have spent months and hundreds of dollars trying to get my system to work and it still does not. The techs are not trained to help with a hardwired system.

If you want a system with wires plugged into the wall, then that is thier "wireless" version.

They are a scam and I can only cancel if I pay 60% of my contract. I am no longer a member because they also require you must purchase a certain $ amount of products each month to continue. Their shipping is I believe $9.95 or $12.95 and there is never a break in that. Their cleaning products are great, but their security system contract and service is so bad I could not clean my thoughts of how poorly this company is run.

I have complained and repeatedly asked for help and service to no success outcome and it has been 9 months!!!


They are not open on the weekend and do not have late appointments for working folks for their Security Dept. But if you stay home all day and sell Melalueca from your home, you are set as long as you can get the alarm to work...

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Security System.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

Preferred solution: Break the contract with no penalties. I have had to purchase additional security cameras and have no faith in your company or products anymore, not even Michael the manager. You can track all my calls and verify.....

Melaleuca Cons: Unreliable customer service and monitoring, Higher monitoring cost and less coverage than other companies, Defective products, Misleading sales pitch, 5 year contract with no home security, Monthly commitment, Backup order charge, Cancellation process.

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Interesting you have had this experience. Ours was only a 2 year agreement.

We did not opt for the cameras and I had an understanding of a wireless system.

Their monitoring has been wonderful. Not only do I get a text and an email as soon as anything happens with the alarm, if it is anything other than arming or disarming I also get a prompt phone call.

@K. Peterson

Their "wireless" system was one that had to be plugged in. I did not buy their cameras, but purchased them from Costco for additional security for the 9 months they could not figure out how to fix the product and service.

When I emailed Melalucea and told Micheal (the "manager") that I posted in and BBB, after being ignored for months... he inmediately replied. He said would refund my money if I took the posts down.

I refused upon principle of TRUTH and integrity. I still got my money back because I held them accountable with the BBB.


I too, signed a 60 month commitment. I'm so ashamed of Melaleuca for doing business like this.

I can't believe Frank Vandersloot backs this way of doing business. We are trying to save for a home, but are locked into a 60 month commitment and have to be Melaleuca customers. $24.95 a month turned into $44 dollars a month.

Plus, we spend $80 minimally on their products. I love the products, but being forced to buy them every month really hurts the bank account.


Frank probably has no idea, if his actions match his business beliefs. I reported my situation to their main office as well.

I do not want anything to do with slimy business tactics and being disrespected and manipulated as a consumer.

When you have a happy customer they will broadcast it for life if you do things right.

If you do things wrong and cross people, you will have a bad experience broadcast for life too. Their apology was 2 free lip glosses with 9.95 in shipping after about 35 calls, many hours, days, weeks, and months of trying to resolve.

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