Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Stay away, I was lied to when signing up for a trial period. Stay away!!!!!!!!!

This normal looking person lied and tricked me, then was rude, mean and still more dishonest.

Don't even stop to talk to someone selling Melaluca, the people who work for this company must be train to be dishonest.

Why would anyone want to spend the time working for this company? You loose friends and acquaintances. So this is all I have to say about this and I really don't feel like writting up to 100 words but I and almost done with it.

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just correcting where im from and am signing up with melaleuca through my friend dave d.


my friend dave want me to join so i am waying the pros and cons but so far it looks like a win win for me i will find out more this weekend steven t in somersworth nh


I joined Melaleuca a few yrs back, but i didn't follow thru with it, my life at the time was in a termoil of my own doing, now i'm looking to get back into it 13 yrs later. i personally know people in Alberta canada that have succeeded in Melaleuca.its not a scam..

it works if you work it, but if you think its a get rich quick business your wrong..


therees so much bantering back and forth no i dont know enough about the company if i can place an order maybe for 50 not bad but 80 dollars can be a little steep im not saying products wont be worth it to me i just need to figure out i will talk to my rep and good friend who loves melaleucai wannamake sure it is a good fit for my family

i lookforward to more info from my friend dave


The only to find out is to try the products. The products will speak for themselves.

It's useless to keep talking without trying them because you will only appear to be a liar. Only those who have been helped by the products and the company can truly say the truth. If you can't prove this company scientifically that they're manufacturing harmful products, submit your complaints with a scientific proof. Conduct a laboratory test and publish the result for public information, not by writing comments that are untrue and unfounded.

You can either be part of the company's success or watch it happening. :)


For Anonymous above, you are wrong to say you would only have 4 days to recruit 8 people. You must have been given false information. There are no deadlines. This is a work at your own schedule/pace company, and that is why it is so wonderful to work for!

Also, if an account is cancelled at your bank, there is no way Melaleuca could have gotten into your account. I know this because my husband is a bank manager. Obviously you didn't follow the simple instructions on cancelling the membership in the first place or your account would not have been overdrawn. Operator error!

Love this company and their AMAZING products! :)


Love this company. It really does depend on who your mentor is.

I was introduced to this by a sweet little old lady next door who has made 250k over the last 24 years. She has helped me build this and has amazing stories. Great incentives, bonuses, etc. It is common sense products too.

If you are lazy, this just isn't the right fit for you.

If you think it is a scam, then the person that introduced you wasn't up to par. sorry!


Stay away because someone lied to I stay away from the male race because one man lied to me. Do I stay away frm the USA because one president lied to me.

Do I stay away from my family because someone lied to me. NO!!!!

You report that person and stay very far away from them. Think for yourselves and do your own research and make your own decision!!


If you read your comments, you all sound like a bunch of babies or highschool brats. Blah Blah Blah, Grow up.

Think for yourselves. I hope you people dont have kids and spew this stuff on them.


It's funny how only people who have something bad to say hide behind the name anonymous. If you have something to say.

Be proud of it and say your name, especially if it is negative. Why be so deceptful.

Arent you doing the same as the person who misguided you. Please explain.


I've been with Melaleuca for over a yr now and have no complaints what so ever I'm very happy with there products and especially with there compensation plan. I was also blessed to have had the person who introduce me to Melaleuca help me all the way There are no tricks or scams or untold truth about Melaleuca that I have seen or experience.

If you want to work at it as a Job, you have to treat it as a job and WORK! nothing comes easy in life this company does make it easy. I believe for those who have had a bad taste in there month is because of the person who introduced the company to them did not give them all the true information. Melaleuca is here to help us get rid of all the bad toxic chemicals out of the homes and improve our health.

There's also a business attached to it for only those that want to build.

So with that being said! don't blame the company Melaleuca for the mistakes some people make.


The above comment is very confusing. If arrangements were made with your bank; then, your bank is at fault not the company you made arrangements with to deduct the merchandise you ordered from your account.


How is it a scam? Do you have firsthand experience as a member?

How would you know if these people lose friends? Also, from what I know, there are no trial periods.


What was the lie???

This very broad, vague and sensationalistic review does not tell us anything at all about why she claims this company to be a scam and it does not follow the standards of how a review should be written.

It then promotes narrow, biased generalizations completely unrelated to scams. Such accusations have to be backed up by proof, examples, logic, etc.

Something for readers to consider -- there are salespeople from lesser competing companies who would feel threatened by the success of this company and would have ulterior motives to slander like this.

I've been a customer for at least four months and can verify that it is a legitimate company and delivers on everything that they claim. See for yourself.


Sorry to hear your experience. Really its up to the Associate who comes to you.

I've seen people lie out of their *** just to get people in which I really hate. I was an Whole Life Insurance Agent for the only Union Company and made really good money and a friend of mine who worked with me and long time friend told me about Melaleuca, and we both believe, to tell the truth about everything. Everything has its pros and cons, and those who stretch the truth only just hurt others. I personally have a great experince with Melaleuca but its not for everyone, but the great thing is you can just be a customer if you dont want to do the business.

I got in when it was only a dollar membership. Ive only been with Melaleuca since August of this year and I really got others to join and im making $3000 a month now. Its really easy but it takes hard work if you want money quick. Ive met others who have been with Mela for years just as a customer but havent done anything till recently, and thats perfectly fine.

I just wanted quick easy money and help my family and friends do the same. Soon I'm quitting my insurance job because it's much easier and Melaleuca has true residual income.

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