Bend, Oregon

Product prices are significant premium over what you can find in local grocery stores. Many dangerous ingredients in several of the products.

When I realized that and attempted to cancel, I found it is nearly impossible to get out. I have tried everything to cancel and am shocked at how painful they are making this. Any normal company would let you cancel online, but they hide the cancelation process behind many steps, and have ridiculous requirements. What a scam.

I am embarrassed to have spent any money with this company. I hope that this company is investigated for consumer fraud.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Melaleuca Cons: Cancelation process, Minimum monthly payments, Lack of customer service.

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I fully agree. We tried back in September to drop them, they did send back a partial but then pulled out of my wife's account three more months worth.

Never sent products only worthless coupons. It is unbelievable what their process is.

I curse them and all their families.


The prices appear higher at face value but you have to compare cost per use! Your enrolled obviously didn't teach you that.

Their products are highly concentrated and the ingredients are fresher. So even when looking at the ibuprofen, it may seem more expensive but I only take ONE as opposed to taking 3 of the store brand. You use less of all of their products because of the freshness and quality of the ingredients. So before you bash them, educate yourself because obviously your enrolled didn't.

If you aren't happy with it then don't buy it or just send it back. Everything has a 60 day empty bottle full money back guarantee. What more can you ask for from a company?

Over the years, I have helped several people cancel their accounts with absolutely no problem at all.


Had absolutely no problem canceling, only quit because could not afford the regular monthly purchase. Love the products


Just wondering if you actually read the paperwork you signed.

I cancelled without problems. Following the instructions on the website.


I cancelled by following steps and had no problem at all. even the Columbus dispatch wont let you cancel online lol. I love the tough and tender and only stopped because did not need products as often as they want you to purchase to keep membership.


You are simply not telling the truth. All the laundry, washing and cleaning products are more concentrated and therefore on a per use basis less expensive. Remember if you are unhappy with any product it can be returned for a complete refund just by completing the back of the shipping document/invoice.


Though I understand that the cancellation process is different than most other companies, it really isn't too difficult. All they require you to submit is a signed document with your name, phone number, member number and the reason why your wanting to cancel.

If you have this information, as well as your signature and the date your account will be cancelled.

I have a friend that just wrote this down on a piece of paper, took a picture with their phone and sent it to a melaleuca e-mail address and it was cancelled the next day. Hope that helps you out.


Did they get an official form from the co to do this or just write a letter of cancellation themselves?


You can submit a cancellation request on a napkin if you want. They do not require any special form to cancel.

Simply just need to send in a written request.

This is required by law since the membership agreement is a legal document and must be terminated in writing. It's not hard or complicated at all


Don't people read?? Did you read the part where they said all the friend did was WRITE IT ON A PIECE OF PAPER AND TOOK A PICTUER AND SENT IT IN TO MELALEUCA??

Come ON people! Maybe that's why consumers are so darn upset with companies they are affiliated with. THEY DON'T LISTEN OR READ!

I was going to make a comment that I haven't had any problems with Melaleuca until I read your comment and ..... it pissed me off!!!


We tried that. We've sent in three forms and are still being charged.


Keep the product and cancel your credit card (report lost and get a new one) - you will be amazed how fast they stop sending your order!


Great answer Pete

Your answer is the thinking man's answer.

I was thinking about joining on a referral by a good friend and decided to do my research first.

Thanks, this sounds & looks like it might be something really interesting, under the right circumstances.


Whoever signed you up should be helping you. I would guess you have not called the company yourself and explained it?

I just cannot believe, with the friendly, happy to help me customer service people there that you cannot stop the products. It is a contract as stated in another post above. Call them. They will fix whatever problem you have and they will stop your orders.

Ask them to go step by step if you need that but it's simple to cancel - read other posts here. Good luck with cancelling if that's what you need. CAll them. They are really nice & helpful - even with step by step instructions.

Also you could meet the delivery man and refuse to accept the box. Hope this helps.

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