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my husband and I had checked into Malalueca via an ad we found. We went through and online orientation and things sounded pretty good.

My husband asked if this was going to cost us anything and we were told NO. The representative asked for our checking account info so that our "income" could be direct deposited into our account and at the end of the little orientation, we were then told it was going to cost us $29 to get started. We told this "gentleman" that right at the time we couldn't afford even that because I was only working part-time and collecting disability benefits and my husband wasn't working at all. We were barely able to afford our rent and that was why we were looking to make money in other ways.

The following week Malelueca withdrew $53 from my account and when we called the company we were told they had permission. I never signed anything giving them permission and they were told AGAIN that we wanted nothing to do with paying them money. The very next month $53 again was taken from my account and I went to the bank and closed the account, my bank is now going after the company to get my money back. I recieve at least 1 phone call per DAY from the company telling me my account number is invalid and each day they are told the same thing "I want nothing to do with your company and the account is closed" Today I am told they sent a package of over $60 to my old address and they can't take the money from my account because it is invalid...what does it take to get it through their heads?

I have not lived at that address for over 2 months, closed my checking account, told them right were to stick their company and they still don't get it. BEWARE....don't get involved or you this is what you will be going through. It started out quoting $29 and in 3 1/2 months it is now $60 that they have been trying to scam us out of.

I have had to open another account, change my direct deposit, had bounced checks because of them taking money out of my old account, been evicted from my home because I couldn't pay the rent due to the bounce fees and the money this company took without my permission. Please be careful

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Yes, this company is not rutless


I joined Melalueca four months ago and I like it. The products are good, the price is ok.

If you take vitamins and buy laundry detergent you should have no problem spending 35 points a month. I have a household of four and spend way more than what is required to be a preferred customer. I came in when they were running a special of only a $1.00 to join and they did tell me that I have until the 25th of the month to cancel and that I just call the company and request a cancellation form. I can either mail it in or fax it.

The back up order is only used if you don't order that month, but so far, I haven't used the backup order because I like to get the free stuff for ordering on line. I get 20 bucks of free stuff for 6 months plus loyalty dollars to spend. I like it. I don't see myself quitting anytime soon.

I wanted to switch to less toxic products and I think it is a good value. Here are the things you can buy, shampoo, toothpaste, laundry detergent, protein shakes, exercise bars, makeup, hand soap. It is stuff you would have to buy I Walmart. I just choose to buy it from Malalueca and a lot of it is manufactured in the US and Canada.

I like that my money is going to help my friend that signed me up and helping someone work in the US. To me, it's all good. I might even start promoting it myself. I orginally just signed up for the products, but I can see where it is a viable way to earn extra money.

The products are pretty good. I had one product that my son didn't like and I was able to return it, no questions asked.


Yes you do have to pay attention. When you sit down with someone or you do a online presentation they tell you or should that it cost 29.00 for your full year membership and your kit.

And they also tell you about the backup order. That is if you don't order by the last day of the month they will automatically send that order to you.You can customize that so that you do get what you want. And if you would like to cancel you could of done that to on or before the 25th of the month.

All you gotta do is pick up the phone and call them. Thank you.


A friend has invited me to a "mentoring" session a new business he is starting. He was very vauge and is asking for only 45 minutes of my time... I wanted to research his business and found out it is Maleueca.. I have no experience with the business or the products but after some research there are two things that concern me here...

The largest complaint i see on the web is the "sneaky" charges for becoming "preferred customer" and how difficult it is to cancel. For every 1 complaint I see there are 5-6 comments and how this person doesn't understand the policy and how ALMIGHTY this comapny and it's products are... It's obvious the positive comments are an anti slander campaighn by Maleuca and it's "businses owners", this tactic makes me much more skeptical....

The second concern is the denial that this is a MLM. DUH!

I'm skeptical of this and please if anyone can change my mind please try not to be so cheesy like the rest of these positive comments... "what a wonderful company, I love this company, I *** with this company and it's products" it's just ***


I just became a customer about 2 months ago. The gentleman that presented it to me told me how much it was to get started.

Which was $29 but that there was a promotion for that month where I can get started for $1. He then explained that I would have to shop at least once a month and a 35 point minimum which is about $50-60, then mentioned to me that they have a back up order in place in the event that I forget to shop that month and explained to me that they would deduct from my account for that back up order. The reason for the back up order is to guarantee you receive your check if you are referring customers to the company. So far so good, I decide to refer people and my first check was for $300 for referring 8 customers.

My wife and I love the products and couldn't be happier with the results. The reason they don't consider themselves an MLM is because everyone is a preferred customer and even if you decide to get involved in the business side of things you don't sell products to the customers you enroll them as customers to the company and they pay you a commission for referring that customer. As far as cancelling your membership as a preferred customer, I was told to print out a document from the website and then sign and fax it over to the company. But honestly, we haven't tried it yet because we love the products and I haven't gotten any complaints from the customers I have Referred because they love the products too.

Hope this helps, God bless. if you have any other questions feel free to email me at lnieves1978@gmail.com


Sure everyone knows ya have to read everything- including the "fine print". It seems with this company there's just too much of it and if you're not running at 110% at all times you could miss something.

I think that is where they "make" their money.

They seem to be working too hard to get you to missread something or misinterpret a "deal". :?


I too am involved with melaleuca I love the products and couldn't live without them, it sounds like to me that you must of just talked to someone not in it for the long run because the person that signed me up made for sure to tell me that you had to buy 35 product points each moth in order to receive the discounted preferred costumer price. He also was very sure to explain how the backup order works and that if I ever signed someone up to be sure and let them know I even had to initial right under the backup order spot to show I understand.

And for doing all of this they have a costumer for life! I look at it as like buying at Sams club when you pay more for bulk but its concentrated and not so bulky and way better product, I feel bad that this happened to you but evey time I have had a problem which has been only once I just called them up and they took care of it and were super nice.

I would definitely recommend this company to everyone you actually save money in the long run it just doesn't seem that way because you end up buying it all at once. Plus they never take money out of our account unless there is money in there which is a relief


Melaleuca is the best company bar none that we have found. They are very up front on cost.

The 29 dollars that you talked about was the enrollment cost. The other cost involved your orders or back up order.

It is obivous that you are attempting to slander the company. I would encourage anyone to check out this fine company.


I have this melaluce stuff it works great, BUT. They send you stuff you never ordered!

and bill you for it! every single month. I suggest not joining and wait till these products hit the stores. If your allergic to poison ivy like me you won't touch the lotions because they will make you itch like crazy and if you happen to get the real poison ivy and use this you'll be on steroids for sure.

the mouth wash is great, the tub and tile cleaner is great also. The way they have structured is very thoughtful but sucks.

I don't like getting stuff I don't order and having to pay for it, like a them *** book clubs of yesterday that would send you all kinds of boks you'd never read and want you to pay some rediculous amount. I had the account assgined to a prepay credit card which I cleared out at the gas station and canceled it.


melalueca will only charge your card if you have agreed and signed the back up order form. melaleuca can only use a checking acct.

one time before a voided check is received. if your checking was charged twice, that means you sent a voided check giving permission. back up orders are not sent out unless the person has signed the back up order form. i work for melaleuca, it's not a scam.

it is not always thoroughly explained by the enrollers, however, melaleuca is very passionate about taking care of it's customers.

people who's experience is negative all have one common denominator. they did not read the papers they signed.


:upset :sigh :cry :? :x


First of all, did you read the area in the contract that told you if you didn't place your 35 point product order by the end of each month that the monthly order would kick in the back up order?? It's called paying attention!


MLM (scam ) :sigh


Can you MLM (scam)


READ THE INFORMATION PEOPLE!!! Remember you gotta give a little to get alot, this is with any business.

As for the credit card thief, you should have reported him to the authorities! So in both these cases you, youselves are to blame for not take the appropriate action, and not looking out for yourself.


If they were charging the $53. you had to be getting products.

They don't charge unless product is shipped. We use their products all the time.

The 1st time I got a bottle of shampoo I thought it was a rip off because the bottle was so small compared to what I had been using but I was wrong because I discovered it is not deluted so a bottle last me almost 2 months washing my hair everyday. So this little bottle takes the place of 3 of the big bottles I used before.


The Mentor training of new reps is obviously lacking in structure and consistency.

Being a user is not enough. Whether presenting for only a month or longer the presenter should be very knowledgeable of the company and many aspects of the Wellness field.

Word of mouth is not enough for the well educated consumer. Saying it is medically and scientifically tested is not proof. I am sure it is a fine product but the business model is not to my taste. I find the rates of complaints is more than reasonable and the resolution rate is high based on BBB reports.

However, it really doesn't take much. Bad reports seem to be based on poor reps and not product based. Consumers seem to need to take the old adage "Buyer Beware" to heart. Not meaning the company or product are questionable (although research is key) but to know what you are signing up for.

Like insurance agents, new reps are encouraged to present to family as they usually are a supportive audience. Family or not, don't tell me reports of shrinking polyps yada yada. I want the cold hard facts and findings supported by a unbiased source. I can get these types of products anywhere and can open their eyes to other options that are just as good and cost effective as theirs.

But if you like everything made for you etc. I suppose it is not a bad idea.

Yes the company is out to make money, but aren't they all. However, I would rather support a company in my own country.


Im willing to bet $53, a cancellation letter was never sent by that lady to Melaleuca. Learn how to read!

Why did your husband sign up for something he couldnt even read.

Maybe you should yell at him, not Melaleuca. What happened to you was your own fault.


A malaleuca representative came to our home and sold my husband 199.00 package. That is ok but the gentleman took his credit card information and then charged his airfare (2ll.00) to our card and later (ironically) charged another of my husband's credit cards (my blind husband gave him a card and the gentleman set it was expired so my husband gave him another card..now he had two cards) and charged Melaleuca publications on it to a tune of 286.00.

I the wife pays all bills I work hard to do so becaude my husband is in end stage renal failure..we get no government support..we ouldn't have been kicjked any harder. Melaleuca has done nothing other than ask us to call out bank.


U should have read the terms and conditions before u signed the customer agreement form online (CMA)

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