Mahwah, New Jersey
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DS Construction ripoff Dan Sachkowsky doing same in Melaleuca. Not ethical practices also products inferior too expensive go to the drugstore and get what you need - talk to the pharmacist - Vitamins need to be watched for potentcy and reliability.

Lots of claims, check out DS Constsruction ripoff reports to find out more information. Found out not a person of his word. Found out the hard way. Cost money to join, no follow through, or follow up.

Run away or at least look before you leap. Products can be bought at Sams Club with the same ingredients, less money

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Vitamins.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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He beat me out of money now for Christmas he can get dentures


He doesn’t pay his bills and he’s a ***


Dan has been a con artist , {{Redacted}} dealer and has robbed eveyone hes come across. And as for the stolen tools and cash last year in Wall township.

How funny it was all cash for down payments on future jobs.

Another inside job and scam. Life coach lol.


Part of that stolen cash was one of my deposits which was certainly not given to him in cash! The State of New Jersey is on it.

He will pay for his crimes. Doesn't help me get my house though.


I hope you are right. He stole from us in 2008. He and his wife are the bottom of the barrel


Dan Sachkowsky has always been a thief. His wife Gina is even worse.


Dead on. Both rotten thiefs


Everyone has a choice to purchase products they 'feel' are right for them. The vitamin industry is highly competitive and opinions about this are like belly buttons 'everyone has one'.

Melaleuca's products are high quality, vitamins are fresh and effective. Again, no one is forced to buy them. RE: No follow through; you are sent a customer kit which includes in depth information about the products and the company (that's part of why you pay $29). It's the responsibility of the person who signed you up to personally follow up with you.

Blame him or her...not the company or the products. The cancellation policy is clear. Look it up online, fill out the form MAIL or FAX it in and you are cancelled. To each his own.

Company is not a rip off if you order what you like and you are happy.


Just as knowledgeable says the products elsewhere are not the same. The company uses the highest quality ingredients in all its products.

Nonetheless, the prices cannot be matched. The comparison of cleaning products has to be made between cost per use since Melaleuca offers concentrated liquids. (The customer adds the water. Lighter weight saves shipping costs.

Reuseable containers help save the environment.) Numerous Melaleuca products have received patents. Melaleuca is the ONLY place to buy them. The vitamins, minerals and other supplements use a patented absorption process so that the individual gets the highest amount of the nutrient possible. Tests prove that this is true and that they are more absorbed than other brands.

Why spend money on products which are not effective and may have been sitting on a shelf for a long time? Melaleuca manufactures what is needed in time for delivery eliminating storage and warehouse expenses.


I've been a customer for 13 years and never had a problem with the company. Those who do have problems have not kept in touch with the people who helped them become a customer.

All you do to become a customer is simply switch stores and become a customer with a nominal fee of $29 and place your first order. How much you spend on that order is up to you. As for the products being the same as SAM'S; NOT TRUE! Not only are they better for you but our environment as well and much more cost effective.

My college student who pays her own tuition, has no problem ordering with Melaleuca. Also Melaleuca vitamins are patented and are guaranteed to work or your money back. Their patent was passed without any other company objecting their claims. No other vitamin company offers a full 90 day, bottle empty guaranty, and all their products have a full 30 money back guarantee.

AS for ethics, well you won't find anything wrong with the companies policies. Now, as I said before, you could have someone who isn't ethical trying to get you involved, but I'm POSSITIVE when you contacted the company they did all they could to help.

In 13 years I have proven these things true personally. Just need to find the right person to HELP you with getting you introduced to this awesome company the right way.

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