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I would not purchase any products from this company. Companies should remain apolitical. The moment they take sides is the moment I choose to support or reject them based on their political affiliations.

No to Melaleuca.

"VanderSloot is one of the loudest of the aggrieved mega-donors, announcing that his family's privacy has been invaded and his health and home products company, Melaleuca, had lost hundreds of customers, and asserting the Obama campaign list and liberal websites have misrepresented his company and political activism."

"He's waged an aggressive response, making a series of appearances on the Fox News Channel in which he called for donations to Romney in protest of the list."

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So what you're saying is you don't buy any commercial products? That's impressive!

Do you really think that Procter & Gamble or WalMart is not donating to both parties? Do you think they are not hiring lobbyists to try and get favorable legislation passed?


Wow... you hit the nail on the head!

I guess some people only shop with-in their own religions and political circle.I wonder if they only buy from their own race?

Hey Scvmadmax ... Have you check out the competitors believes? Target-walmart-costco?

what about the toxins the are putting in the interment? Where do you shop???

Have you thought about thinking a little bigger?


Frank VanderSloot is entitled to his own political and religious beliefs. He and the company,however, have never tried to use their position to influence any of their members personal beliefs in any way at all.

I have been a member for 17 years. I am of a different religion and somewhat different political views, yet I nor anyone else I know of has ever felt any kind of pressure in this area. I suggest you reevaluate your own prejudices.

You obviously disagree with Frank and now are trying to pin an unfair label on him. Remember, this is a free country.

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