Apparently, once you sign up, you can't sign out or cease shipments, no matter what you attempt. We have faxed cease shipment requests and called repeatedly, with no luck. It seems that once they have your bank information, they continue to ship and charge you, no...
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I liked
  • Stain remover
I didn't like
  • Deceptive misleading miserable
  • Pyramid scheme
  • Lies they tell
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Melaleuca - Signed up for your membership and cancelled 1 week later.

You continue to charge my account when ABSOLUTELY no product was ever bought or sent. I want ALL money returned immediately
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Melaleuca - Broken item

Such a great Co! Staff was polite and credited my account without me having to send it back.
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I find this so hard to believe since you simply cancel your account online under my accounts. Also any product that you will not use is always refunded to you along with any membership fee. I personally know people that have gotten products they hated and called and...
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Actually it's not that simple. You have to print off a form and send it in signed then wait for them to approve it. Still waiting for mine to be cancelled.

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I have been using Melaleuca products for over 19 years and I do not have a single complaint about the company, the products or their integrity. My family was going to put me in assisted living until I started taking Melaleuca vitamins. Their products are...
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If you have been using it for 19 years then why would you just start the vitamins?

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Last fall my brother, who is recently deceased, got me into this company. I have done everything possible to stop shipments, and get out of this terrible merry-go-round, including filling out and sending Melaluca their formal paper work, in February of 2018, asking to...
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I have never had any issues with Melaleuca, not ever. I have been a preferred customer and gotten out at times when I couldn't afford it and then gotten back, love, ...


Truth is always the best argument. Thank you for sharing your story and taking my call! I believe ever word of your story. Sad your brother gave his last days scheming/ pander...

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My enroller is extremely annoying. I canceled my account a couple montns ago and my enroller found out and said that i dont have the choice and i have to come back. She constantly bothers me about closing my account. This is extremely annoying. The products are too...
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Mae landers1

in debt and live paycheck to pay check so why have a child now when your finances aren’t good?? Aye

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Melaleuca - Not a pissed customet

Brian the customer service rep that I spoke with over the phone was very patient, not pushy, so much so until I almost changed my mind to not cancel. I just no longer want the membership I cant afford it any more.
Advertised vs Delivered
Customer service
Discounts and Special Offers
Diversity of Products or Services
Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy
Price Affordability
Product or Service Quality
Value for money
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que tal soy Jahaziel y soy cliente de Melaleuca desde hace un año, y en general no tengo queja de sus productos, como en toda maraca hay productos que te gustan y otros que no, pero eso es cuestión de cada persona, cuando te haces cliente y llenas tu solicitud esta el...
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I called and camcelled my preferred status 3 weeks ago due to fimamcial problems and still got debited from my account I am not happy and will not reccomend this to anyone
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You canceled at the beginning of the month. That's why they sent you more stuff. You shouldn't get anything from them anymore. I closed my account in the middle of the month a...

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