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While the cleaning products are amazing, I became incredibly ill while taking their Women's vitamins. I developed a severe vitamin deficiency and actually a drastic increase in specific nutrients that thinned my blood.

I do have Von Willebrands disease so this may have contributed but I had never experienced this with any other vitamins. My doctor (who is a naturalist) read the bottles and insisted I "throw them away." He said the ingredients would be beneficial to a middle aged alcoholic man living somewhere near the equator. The levels of thiamine were unnecessary for most individuals. Alcohol depletes thiamine in the body.

However, I don't drink. As a result the thiamine actually thinned my blood. Not good when your blood doesn't clot! After a thorough blood workup I was informed that I had minimal to almost no amounts of Vitamin D & magnesium.

My iron levels were at 7 and my iron stores were depleted.

I had to have routine infusions of iron for months! I had no trouble canceling when I told the customer service rep the vitamins made me sick and I had hospital bills!

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Vitamins.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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