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Melaleuca is a scam they charge your credit card without authorization and you never get the product when you try calling the company you get disconnected or hung up on. Beware they are a rip off

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Been using products for 18 years and have never had that experience. Are you sure that you're calling Melaleuca?

Everyone in my office use these products. It's amazing to see even the little kids asking for them.


You are such a fool! I really love Melaleuca!

I did sign up as the preferred customer and paid $1.00 membership + free membership Kit. It saved my money and I ordered the essential oils package. Oh, Good Lord! All oils are smelling incredibly fantastic!

They are much better than Young Living + DoTERRA!!

Serious! My family and I enjoy buying the products with an amazing discounted + earn more money like - Ibotta! It's very obvious that you are very jealous!

Go Melaleuca!


After my recent experience with this company and attitudes like that, I am glad to share every horrible detail all over the internet.

20 something years ago, my whole family used Melaleuca products.

Now, everyone had a bad reaction to every product. I had issues with my online account that were repeated and I got very frustrated as I have no time to mess with that.

I returned my products and membership kit and took several weeks for CS to ALLOW me to sent a written cancellation request. I still haven't been refunded for any of the 4 shipments and they are now reporting they never received them.

I have tracking numbers and confirmed it over the phone with CS.

I not only wasted time and money on these orders but wasted additional money on shipping. GO MELALEUCA!!!


That is total bs!! You gotta be a loon!

Melaleuca has outstanding customer service --better than any company I have ever seen! I have been a customer since 2000 and never once have experienced anything other than excellent service and their products are exceptional!!!

Tom M.


That's crazy talk! Two rings and you are speaking with a helpful employee!

Never once is you credit card charges just because melaleuca needs your money!! Your preferred customer agreement mentioned the 35 point order AND the backup order. No surprises.

Perhaps you were not paying attention.


I have been purchasing, receiving and enjoying Melaleuca products for over two years now. I've never received less or more than what was ordered.

You should have been aware of the purchase requirement when you enrolled (which allows you to take advantage of the reduced prices you received starting with your first purchase).

If this was not made clear to you, I'm sorry that your Product Advocate did not do a better job for you.

Good news is, the products are returnable and you can cancel your membership. I'd recommend keeping the products instead and reaping the benefits of membership.


You gave them authorization when you signed the Customer Membership Agreement. Take a moment to read the Terms and Conditions on the back of that contract. On the third paragraph, it clearly states, "I authorize Melaleuca to withdraw payment from my credit card or bank account." If that was something you were not comfortable with, you should not have signed the CMA in the first place.

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