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A friend of mine was approached and convenced to join this Melaluca company, I'm trying to explain to him what a SCAM this company is but all I have accomplished is make him ridiculously angry at me, I dont want to lose his friendship but Im getting very angry at him as well, what can I do to stop him from going foward and signing up with this BULL-*** SCAM-FRAUD company?

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Maybe you should let "your friend" do what he feels is right. Just because you were unhappy doesn't mean he will be too. Everyone has their own brain, maybe he is getting mad at you because he'd like to use his brain and not yours...Happy day!!


Nothing. It sounds like your friend took the bait. It is a cult.


First he is your friend, as friends you share toys , so as a friend try the product , there must be something that you my like .don't be afraid to try.for you to say a scam , you must be a ex-melaleuca.


I am confused...what makes this a scam?


LOL!!! Amazon is selling the exact same products your friend buys from Melaleuca for anywhere from 3 to 10X the price!

As an example,The 20oz Renew Lotion that your friend can now buy at the price of $28.00 for a 2 pack is considered a bargain at $45.00 each on Amazon.

That's literally 3X the price.

Lip Balm that your friend can buy direct from Melaleuca at 3 for $5.90 is selling on Amazon for $19.00 EACH! If the products are such garbage, why are people lining up to pay massive amounts of money for them when they're not members?


Because Amazon is a legitimate business unlike Melaleuca and sane people meaning people that are not mentally ill will not buy from a globally known as a SCAM company "MELALEUCA" so just stop trying to convince people to fall for this *** company and get an honest job, just remember that Karma is a mean b***tch and one day not too far away it will *** you in your sorry ***


That's because you're paying for the "free" shipping included in the price of the products.


Wow, what a shame that you are so misinformed. How is it a scam if you can buy higher quality products for less than you would pay for them in Walmart?

And they're better! And they're Green! I don't know anyone who doesn't spend at least $50-$60 a month on cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, skin care, hair care, bath soap, toothpaste and supplements! Why wouldn't you want to save money on all of that?

And then if you help one of your friends save 30-40% on what they buy, instead of going to Walmart, why wouldn't you want to help them?

I don't get it! I love all my friends and do whatever I can to help them!


thanks but no thanks and thats exactly what Im doing, doing whatever it takes to stop my buddy from getting scammed by rats like this idiots working for this company


I know what your going thru. Unfortunately, many people have to learn the hard way for themselves! May Yahweh bless you & your friend!


Maybe you need to wake and realize your friend is an adult capable of making his own decisions, and when he is happy healthy and wealthy,you will live with your regrets and eat your words... just saying,... research its a wonderful company perhaps your just too lazy to read the truth and you enjoy controlling others lives, if I were your friend I'd realize quickly you were not a true friend, a true friend would be happy and support his decisions.


Yea, and you are just another Melaleuca's *** artist trying to make the company look good, stop scamming people out of their hard honestly earned money you sick *** you are the lazy one who can't affort to work hard like the rest of us and insted you go for the easy way and SCAM others, I feel sorry for you, get a life


Wow DJKD27,

I hear your frustration but really I think you're going overboard with this. It seems to me you have a problem with either Direct Selling/MLM/Melaleuca or your friend moving in that direction.

I must say it sounds like you've been burnt from something similar.

Well here is my opinion and I'm not a Melaleuca Rep at all..

• I've done some research and yes those products are selling higher on other sites then what you can get directly from Melaleuca.

• If it’s selling on other sites like Amazon it says a lot about the product.

So the products can’t be a SCAM. Maybe you’re issue is with the company itself.

• Melaleuca seem to have a great BBB standing. You have to understand what Direct Sales mean.

The company isn’t a scam. • Being known as a globally scam company. That’s the perception but it doesn’t mean it’s right. The company has been legal in its business for many years now.

You have to take those perceptions and make a conscious judgment. Not if you did that and still come out with your same opinion, then you may have something against them. That type of thinking can’t be changed. • A scam fraud company that’s constantly in the spotlight eventually is shut down.

I haven’t seen that happened to them as of yet. I’m not a member although I have been offered to join. There concept and lingo are different from your traditional MLM companies. I think most get confused with that, as a rep tries to explain it.

It’s really a MLM that doesn’t want to be associated with that name because of people like you that look at them as a scam. They are rebranding themselves in the eyes of the people. I really don’t look at this company as a scam but as a company that has great products that’s trying to create a different mindset in this Direct selling business they’re in.

My friend, What’s wrong with your friend getting a better deal on these product that you want him to buy on a known site like Amazon but for a higher price.? If he like the products it’s a smart move


You need to relax. If you could buy a great genuine product you like directly from the company that makes it (and therefore more cheaply) wouldn't you do exactly that?

Your logic does not make sense, you seem to have this unfounded anger and have yet to explain yourself. Let your friend make his own decisions and live his life. Why does Amazon make the exact same product more legit in your eyes than buying direct at wholesale?

You need to relax and look at where your feelings are coming from. One bad experience does not make all experiences bad.


Yea keep trying to make the company look good, good luck with your scamming


I have been a melaleuca customer for 10 years. You could not pay me to stop using their products.

They are free of toxic chemicals and work as well or better than the junk you can buy in a store.

They get delivered right to my door and I have never been let down.

I tried their attain shakes. Didn't like one of the flavors called and asked for a different flavor, they sent it free.

Once I had a bottle of cleaner leak.

They sent me another whole bottle for free.

The customer service reps have always been very kind and quick to fix.

And I say that having experienced working for two different companies as a customer service rep myself.

I don't work a business. But if I could (I'm disabled now) I would be able to work a melaleuca business with my head held high because the products are extraordinary.


Like I said before DJkd27 I have never used or sold any of Melaleuca product. You really sound like you've been burned by an MLM business...

Not sure of your logic.

I hope the mindset changes... :-)


Maybe your friend sees something you don't. I've also heard that people will try and block their friends from doing something because they're JEALOUS and don't want them to succeed when they failed.

So slam the company because YOU failed. I'm alive because of that company so I don't care what people claim, what people slander, what people try to convince others of because its all B.S.!! I'm ALIVE because of them.

Do yourselves a favor and get off your hind end and look up a report called the FREIBERG STUDY, and then look up the STERLING REPORT. And then after that...who cares what you think, really.

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