Albuquerque, New Mexico

I love melaleuca! The vitamins make me feel better and they give me energy.

I love that every product is made fresh and it's chemical free. It's safe for my children and my pets. Both of my kids were born with eczema and now it is gone!

Thank you melaleuca!

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Vitamins.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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I'm going to suggest for you to review their ingredient list in detail to confirm that everything is chemical free. I have not done so, but I am going to.

I question how they create scented laundry products without adding artificial scent (aka chemicals). I also question how their lavender lemon brite is purple without artificial color (aka chemicals). I know for a fact that lavender essential oil is clear, so they cannot say that it's from the lavender EO. I honestly do not know how it's colored, if anyone does know, please explain.

When I enrolled many years ago, I was advised they are the best of science and nature combined. It's up to our enrollers to inform us and not mislead us.

I have found a company that is a full disclosure company, they provide their product ingredient list for everyone to view and research.


I agree!! it has been a blessing for my family for sure and has saved me a ton of money!

I have 4 kids and we all Love it! I order cleaning supplies, bath and body products, healthy, organic snacks that we all love and are so much tastier and way more fresh that what you purchase at a grocery chain. The vitamins are amazing!

between those and the access bars, I have lost 15 lbs!!! :)

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