I do like the cleaning products. I don't like the concept of buying things you don't need to meet their minimum requirements.

I was at a point in my life where I needed money.

Badly. I decided to sell some of my extra supplies online. I was harassed by people with Melaleuca emails, and from private emails. They told me if I didn't immediately end my listings, I was being sued by Melaleuca.

They repeatedly emailed me through ebay then found my personal email. Once you purchase a product it's yours. Not theirs.

They have no right to harass people. I no longer use ANY of their products because I can make better ones myself.

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Sorry you had a bad experience. I've recently joined a fantastic mlm company.

You may want to take a look to see if it is for you.

Its not for everyone. The company is Kannaway.

We sell hemp based CBD oil products. have a line of skin care products,

vitamins, but the one that is flying of the shelf is the hemp vape.....check us out at http://5962901.gokway.com/intro.html


I'm doing my own research on this company b/c I friend of mine is wanting to talk to me about it. I'm an Advisor with AdvoCare and absolutely LOVE every part of that company.

The first thing that turned me off from this company was the auto ship/minimum order. At AdvoCare there are NO auto shipments, NO minimum orders to make. You order when you want. I think I definitely will be sticking with AdvoCare.

I have had great results on products and earning $1200/mo right now.

If you want to hear more contact me! www.mysparkgirl.com


I just recently received a call from them because I've been doing research to find a legit work from home source of income. Well, it took him 5 minutes into the conversation to even tell me the name of their company (I had to ask for it), whenever I asked for him to spell it for me he said he couldn't because it was hard to read or spell the name.

So I told him that if he couldn't give me the spelling so I can do my own research, then I wasn't going to proceed any further, he then spelt it out.

I explained several that my wife and I make all financial decisions together, his response was "are you not capable of making your own decisions?" That is whenever I ended the call. They are very persistent and pushy, I couldn't imagine working for a company like this, even if it was free.


I don't think you should judge a company by a random person. I've had bad experiences with the odd employee in various stores and don't judge a whole business or my buying decisions on that.

I continue to shop at the store because I love what I get there. And before you say it, I'm not a direct seller of this company but I do use some of their products. You are missing out based on this one experience with one person.

Talk to someone else. I'm not a fan of some of these sneaky tactics from all of the direct sales company either and shut them down immediately.


Hi Grumpy, Here's a brand new mlm - launched in April 2014. I've just joined and am very excited......The name of the company is Kannaway and we sell a line of hemp based products.

One product (the hemp vape) is selling extremely well.

Check us out at http://5962901.gokway.com/intro.html. You may want to research CBD oil.......its the very latest and is getting a lot of attention.

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