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This is in response to what kiwi had to say on 2/9/2012, of melaleuca and cancelling and fine print, etc. It doesn't always go the way you say in your piece.

My friend 10 states away from me wants me to join- listen to webinar, i guess. She has told me some info. on the company, she mostly wants me to pay 1.00 and join. Products great she tells me.

You can pay 199.00 or 299.00 and get alot of products. Huh? 1.00? Nothing, but nothing of cancelling because I didn't know i was 'joining' anything!!

Just try some products, good for enviornment and help me become director.. huh? director of what? movies?

Had i not gone and read,ur,um...googled info on this company, I may of just 'tried' melaleuca out, for ONE DOLLAR, Yikes, woulda cost me at least 80.00 a month? never would know to cancel cause i still didn't know i joined anything!! Are you going to blame me? Going to put me down for not knowing, somehow, magically about how this works?

So kiwi, if this happened to me, bet, just bet, there are many others out there that this has also, happened to. People trust someone who says, "for 1.00 you can try some great products, I'll sign you up to try 'em. You like them, order more- because your going to LOVE them I was told. Never gave a dollar yet, and all these problems with melaleuca makes me so very, very glad.

Too bad though, heard the vitamins are great! But not spending 80.00/month, the rest of my life for vitamins, plus 199.00 and 299.00 and 1.00... so far for a friend to be director. I sill don't get it, you have to get others to join?

Then what you make for getting another to join, you wind up spending on products for the company.

Sounds like a great thing for the company... the higher ups in the company, that is.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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im glad u all said this! im so tired of seeing ignorant reviews on here!!!


Ketracey, I enrolled with Melaleuca and started taking their vitamins because I believe they are a really good product and I was spending twice as much elsewhere for similar quality. I love their environmentally-friendly products, as well.

However, if your friend 10 states away was deceptive and obscure with the details in trying to solicit your business and partnership, I really don't see that that is Melaleuca's problem. My distributor wasn't really very clear on some things either, but I took it upon myself to learn. Either way, I'm still happy with the supplements and the other products, and I'm sorry that you have had such an exasperating experience with the company. And NO, you don't HAVE to get other people to join.

I am enrolled as a distributor and I spend about $80-$100 per month that I would have spent anyway, but I get more value and more products than I would have gotten elsewhere.

Sheesh - your "friend" should not make you feel so pressured. Rule of thumb: Don't EVER sign up for anything under pressure.


Love my Melaleuca! Sorry you were mis informed and/or didn't take the time to fully understand what you were getting yourself into...

or possibly your rep or whoever was explaining it to you didn't speak in a way for you to understand. If you actually take the time to break down what you spend on cleaning products, food, vitamins, and makeup products a month at the store, the 70-80 on the Melaleuca is much cheaper! And the beauty is its not and extra 70-80 a month on top of what you are buying at the store because getting the things you need from Melaleuca eliminates going to the store for those natsy, toxic products. You must not read your invoives either because they charged you your membership dollar on your first order.

Charging a dollar for a membership sure beats the 20-30 dollars you pay for your Sams Club membership each year. People need to make sure they completely understand what they are getting before they sign the dotted line because to me it sounds like you are the only one who created your problem and headache.


"Tay's Mom" sounds like she works for Melaleuca. People have the right to give their opinion, constructive criticism and whatever else they feel isn't quite right especially when they're spending their $$.

You need to calm down because all you're doing is driving potential customers away from this company. This is at least the 2nd attitude-ish comment you've placed here and I'm not done reading yet.


I Agree with Tay's mom... if you actually LISTENED to the webcast you would have learned all about the company, the products, the business and how to enroll and such.. Whoever referred you to the webcast should have discussed all points and questions afterwards to make you a completely informed customer.


You are completely mis-informed! You should at the very least listen to the webinar.

This is a great company that has changed many lives and ailments. I am a nurse with small children and having better safer products in my home that are helping with my childrens allergies is PRICELESS!!! You are definetly missing out.

This is a completely risk free company. If it wasn't, I definetly would not be a member.

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