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Melaleuca is a Republican (donated 1 million dollars to mitt Romney in 2012) money making machine run by mormon housewives.

Their products contain aluminum powders and lauryl sulfite (established toxins) just for starters. The materials are glossy slicks of pretty landscapes they've probably never seen in person.

If you do not care about your health and you are a money grubbing mitt romney lover then you found the perfect company to support.

If you're a Mitt Romney lover then please keep using these products- their corporate toxic *** will make you sick and you can go to your local ER for 'free' Mitt Romney healthcare.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Although the above post is old..2012, the facts are that Melaleuca DID NOT make a donation to presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Frank Vandersloot, CEO of Melaleuca DID make a donation to Mitt Romneys campaign, as an individual, from his personal account, something that he and anyone else in the U.S.

is permitted to do. Folks, please be aware when reading negative comments about any company. A lot of times, it simply is a case of the customer either misunderstanding how a company's policy works and they won't admit they're in the wrong. Other cases are negative comments coming from "competitors" making up complaints and people who just can't go through life without complaining about something or someone.

Yes, I am a Melaleuca customer and "business builder." I once was involved with an MLM company and believe me, I know the difference and Melaleuca is NOT an MLM. For further proof, check out the BBB website regarding Melaleuca. The company is the recipient of the BBB Award of Excellence. Sure, some people will say they have problems with Melaleuca.

That is to be expected with a multi-billion dollar company that has been around for almost 30 years and there you have the reason why you see a lot of complaints about Melaleuca. ENVY.


Hilarious attempt to separate the two...of course, it is Republican company that is why there are so many complaints, as well as the cult following.


If you purchase products from the everyday store they will make you sick! Tide, Crest, Lysol, Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo etc.

Is Mitt Romeny Perfect NO! He would have been a far cry better the the current person in office (see how I just said that without all the hate and malice!?) Grow up and learn to have conversation instead of seething hate and making yourself bitter. Melaluca is not perfect everyone should read product labels carefully, They have some products I would use and some definitely not. And for those purchasing items at regular store everyday it's much less likely that melaluca product's will make them as sick as they sure to become.

Cancer, weight gain,thyroid issues, chemical in balances etc.

Melaluca should clean up their products or stop claiming to be the safest if not stated it is implied by any melaluca rep. you run into!


Politics aside...I was extremely disappointed when I received my meleleuca order and began reading the ingredient labels (shame on me for not doing that before I purchased them). Yes, they do have an occasional sprinkling of "green" ingredients, however they are littered with chemicals which take hours to decipher.

Both the FDA and the DEA post data bases which you can use to look up words like "disodium EDTA", "methylpropynal", "cocomidopropyl DEA" or "acrylates copolymer", all of which are ingredients listed in meleleuca hand soap. The FDA also provides links to studies which link ingredients to health and environmental hazards or bans by certain states or countries. But honestly, why should I? None of these ingredients are necessary to get my hands clean and for the same price I can by hand soaps which don't include any of these chemicals.

Meleleuca will refer to their "scientific research" when challenged on claims of "natural products" but we all know they did not fund the research to prove their products are comparable to Proctor and Gamble. I know it is hard to understand/admit for the folks who are invested in the company and have possibly even convinced their friends that this is the way to go, but these are not "green" products no matter what the advertising promises....just read the labels.


Hey mattsbats,

Like Most liberals, you wear your emotions right next to your mouth and it prohibits the brain from working. THINK (in this case RESEARCH) than act, don't REACT!!!

Your product information is completely false. By the way, your gonna run into republican run companies all the time. Political affiliation shouldn't matter if their product is superior and it works well for you.



Whole Foods John Mackey is a conservative Democrat, yes they do exist. Before we had all the talking heads making everyone nuts, there were all kinds of politics on both sides.


Not only is this post completely laced with hate it's completely ignorant. None of Melaleuca's products contain "aluminum powders" or "lauryl sulfite" (though I believe maybe you meant sulfate).

Next time do a little research before spouting off uneducated sludge like this. :roll


You are as ignorant as the day is long...


If you base your everyday shopping on the people behind the companies, you would be grinding corn, sewing your own clothes, and making soap. Do you really know what the CEO's of J&J, Proctor and Gamble are doing with their fortunes?

Melaleuca has been around since 1985 making quaility products and paying their assocs. to work the business and refer others. Try getting a check from Target for doing this. Don't like the company, Don't join.

They have rules, follow them or shop at the Dollar Store or Costco , which also charges for memberships and sell in bulk.


What are you talking about ! Get your facts straight


I think think Mitt Romney is a rich lying corporate *** He represents American greed. Having said that, I think Melaleuca is a great company thats gives average people a chance to lead better lives and help others. Just don't buy into corporate mentality and you can run a good business.


Because he is successful he is a *** really?


I am considering this company products and business opportunity. I am concerned about the Morman involvement. Will check further.


I think a person has the right to not support a product based on their political beliefs, however the was laced with hate. I am a Melaleuca customer and a Ron Paul supporter.

I'm personally not concerned with who owned for founded the company, I just know I like cleaning with their stuff.

Did you know Monsanto supported Obama and if you buy anything processed it is most likely owned by Monsanto? I doubt I'll quit buying Dorrito's, although I think Monsanto is destroying our nation's farmers.


Monsanto supports freaking everyone on both sides...they always have.


Totally disagree with his vulgar comments, must be a rude liberal as they all are. Company is above board with everything; their customer service is top notch and products are wonderful.

It's a shame that liberals have to get ugly.



Classy. A liberal basher condemning a republican basher!!!

I personally like Melaleuca products, especially their makeup and vitamin line. I don't know if any of what the poster writes is true and I will do the research to know for myself. But, inevitably this is America. A consumer driven, corporate saturated market of product mayhem and political affiliations, unless overtly discriminatory or deleterious, should remain in the realm of rights.

They have the right to support whomever they choose and so do I. Oh, and by the way ...

I am a liberal. :p


I have been a Melaleuca customer for almost twenty years and this is the most reputable company I have ever seen. The products are safe, non toxic and excellent.

You are reaching for issues.

I do not understand the Romney comment. Was Obama poor??? Are you boycotting companies that supported Obama. There were more donations to his campaign than to Romney.

Romney like Melaleuca are both honorable. Perhaps you should look at the actual company rather than the political affilliation.


Sounds like you have other issues. Melaleuca is a reputable company with superb products which they stand behind and will fully refund your money if you don't like what you have purchased.

I suppose you can get your money back at WalMart too but what you buy there just can't compare with the quality you get from Melaleuca. Their vitamins have changed my life for the better and I have been completely happy with their wide ranging product line.

By reaching a billion dollars in sales this year I'd say that attests to the fact that there are far more happy customers than there are complainers.


I've been a Melaleuca customer for years; you're an ***~

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