Wow 10f805be review #318031 ,

Yesterday, I invited representatives of this company into my home and fell in love with the product. I decided to order products and look deeper into the company.

The representatives presented the products and were awesome and professional. I liked and respect that about people I spend my hard-earned money with and refer new business to. So, I started my research of the company, the founder, and what others are saying about Melaleuca.

As I reviewed, I thought to myself how great the reviews are and even from those that stop purchasing the product.

I kept reading and I got to ,10f805be review #318031, your comments. As I began to read your statements I began to feel sick in my heart and soul. Your comments are so ignorant, evil,incorrect and out-of-place. Unbelievable, in the 21st Century how you show the type of thug you seem to be.

I know that I can't work for nor purchase from a company with ties to hate and Anti American filth. May God Bless and Kept you. Thank you so much for voicing your opinions and aiding me in my decision to stay away from this company.

That would have been a big mistake. Again, Thanks!!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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This review didn't make any sense. I have not committed to melaleuca yet, so ive been doing my research.

I've noticed all the negative reviews are contradicting and simply do not make sense.

Also, the people who write them have very poor grammar. I can't trust these reviews!!!!


I believe this review is in response to Melaleuca reps being extremely rude and demonstrating poor character. There is a thing called decorum. When you are representing a worthwhile product or company, it should be reflected in your behavior and speech.


Please tell me? What happened? I actually just signed up yesterday and was going to buy products from them.


The above review doesn't make any sense. Do a search for reviews and read the negative reviews.

Then you will see what the real story is. I never understand people who sign up for something and THEN do their research. Don't get involved with this company. If you change your mind and want to cancel, they make it practically impossible.

People are saying they jumped through all the hoops they say you need to do to cancel, then say they never got the cancellation.

So they have had to cancel their credit card to stop the charges, and they still send products and then turn the people over to collections for non payment. I repeat, DO NOT get involved with this company!


This is not true. You can cancel at any time.

I know this as a fact because I have a son that cancelled with no problem. You just have to follow the directions they give you to cancel. Some people are just to lazy and are not willing to do a couple simple steps.

So don't believe these negative reviews. I buy from Melaleuca every month and love the products.