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I own a Travel Agency and work from home, so I network with other business in our community. We try to meet 'one on one' to get to know each other for referrals. So I get a call from a gal that says she runs a network group that she think would help me and says she needs help with a group trip.

When I show up for the meeting, she has brought her 'partner' with her and he begins to talk about this company "Melaleuca". I'm a bit confused as I thought we were going to talk about the network group, that this gal calls me about. I tried to ask, but he kept saying that he was almost done.

So after his presentation, I asked the gal about the network group. She then says that they have over 300 small businesses in the group and that twice a month they promote one business and encourage the group to use this business. She talks up this network group and says they have meetings 3-4 times a month to get together for 'networking'.

When I asked about joining the network group, that is when her partner pulls out the contract on Melaleuca (on his iPad). It was only $1 to join and all I have to do is buy a few products a month, stuff I already buy and I would be included in the Network Group!! At this point she tells me that 100 members of the group are going to Utah for an annual meeting and will need flights and hotels, so I will make the money I spend on the Melaleuca products by booking this group trip.

Heck, I figured why not...it seemed like a good opportunity for both of us and I was willing to try the 'all natural products' !!

My first month, I spent $85 on the product, but did not have a chance to really see how well it worked. Second month, spent about the same $83.... I contacted 'my rep' about the promoting of my business in their network group and she said, I had to wait my turn. Huh, 300 members, 150 months....this could take years! The third month, I get a special deal that I bought into and spent $100!! I tried the shampoo & conditioner, they were awful, left my hair dry and brittle. The fabric softener did not leave my clothes soft like Downy does. So I then call the rep again, asking about this so called trip for the 100 members. She said she was getting up the list and would email it to me.

Two more months and a couple hundred dollars more and I still have not heard from the rep! In fact, she hasn't even attended any of the networking meetings that I first met her at. I started talking to other people from those meetings and come to find out, several of these people have been lied to my this Melaleuca rep and her partner. They talked us all into joining Melaleuca, thinking we were joining a group of businesses in our area for networking.

Needless to say, I cancelled my membership and told them why...Do you know I was contacted several times by Melaleuca, wanting to know the entire story. So I told each and every one of them!!! Of course giving the names of these so called reps.

I joined Melaleuca on the pretense of being a part of a huge networking group. However, I want to say that I did try several products...Cleaning, Sanitizers, Lotions, Makeup, Laundry and Health Aids and I can honestly say that nothing I bought, was so fabulous, that I would continue to buy it and use it....NOTHING!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Shampoo.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Melaleuca Pros: How it sounded at first.

Melaleuca Cons: Monthly commitment.

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Probably the reason that you were asked by Melaleuca to repeat your story so many times is because Melaleuca is a very respectable company. The person who enrolled you DID NOT FOLLOW MELALEUCA'S POLICIES on enrolling by promising you things and basically lying to you(if what you claim is completely true).

I am certain this person(group of people) who engaged in shady practices were either reprimanded or their businesses were suspended for their lack of ethical business practices. I want you to understand that the way business was conducted with you IS NOT THE STANDARD for Melaleuca representatives, and is unfortunate that people like them give the company a bad name. Melaleuca's mission is to "enhance the lives of those we touch by HELPING PEOPLE reach their goals" with their wellness products and revenue sharing program.

You ran into some bad representatives, they are independent contractors, and THEY DID NOT FOLLOW POLICY. I am sorry you had that experience, but there are honest Melaleuca marketing executives that will truly help you.


You have an amazing story there. YOur post sounds like a post I would write.

And i did about Sears one time. They asked for it. They sent me a post card asking "How did you like whatever?" Well. I let them have it with a long answer.

It got resolved and all was well. Unfortunate for sure that whoever came into your office had misleading information. I have a *** dentist that I'll never have good things to say about either! That being said, I have had good experiences with Melaleuca and my family loves their products.

I appreciate a company that cares enough about people that they want the world to b healthy with green products and cleaners that don't *** you when all you want is a clean home.

I treasure my family's health and so does Melaleuca.


Wow. quite the story!

I've never heard such a story. I have the utmost respect for the Melaleuca company and if all of that is true, I'm sure they will do what's right. I personally love their shampoo and conditioner - that's what compelled me to reply! When I first started using it I loved it and still do!

It's unfortunate that whoever signed you up did a disservice to you but one bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch! Everyone I've met with Melaleuca has bent over backwards to answer questions, and the customer service has been wonderful with super fast shipping. I've been totally happy with the products too.

Hopefully, Melaleuca will do whatever should be done with the people that you talked to. I would be mad too!

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