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Despite sending an email and making a phone call to this company to cancel, they continue to send product I have not asked for and billing me for it. I received a couple of emails asking for me to reconsider my decision to cancel, to which I responded "please cancel the account and do not charge my credit card in the future." Apparently his request was just ignored.

I have since asked my credit card company to change my account number and was forced to dispute the past 6 months of billings. This company has been very difficult to deal with in regards to customer service.

What was supposed to be easy to cancel has been not! Beware doing business with Melaleuca!

Monetary Loss: $451.

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I am sorry you had this happen. Please know that it is not Melaleuca - the company....it is the person that introduced you to this great company and their wonderful products.

There is always one that gives everything a bad name. You were not given the customer service that those of us that have had our lives changed with Melaleuca products are accustomed to receiving.

The customer service I have received from the people at the home office and the person who introduced me to Melaleuca has been first rate. I wish you the best.


I know several people who have suspended their memberships without any issues. There is a form that must be completed.

Like any store, companies have policies and procedures.

If you don't follow them, you normally don't get what you want. I am sorry you went through such a hard time.


Melaleuca's Cancellation Policy is simple. It appears in reading your post, whomever enrolled you as a customer failed to make that policy clear - there is a form that must be signed by you as a customer making the request to suspend your membership ;) Easy.


I have never had an issue with Melaleuca. Suspending my membership was a breeze when I fell on tough times and there were no fees to start up again.

I'm not a "sales" person so the making money part is not for me, however did I try to recruit friends, family and acquaintances for 6+ months.

I love the products that I purchase and will continue to buy them, I wish I had more time and were a little more motivated towards the business.


For all those with a beef about melaleuca, there is more then their telling us.

When a customer sets up their shopping account with melaleuca they also must

agree to a backup order, ment only to preserve that customers preferred customer status. If they chose to only be a customer they would not have any backup order

at all. A backup order is not an auto ship and should not be construed to be such.

Its my guess that the disgruntled people who make wild claims of discontent are

expecting to wake a millionaires over night without much or any work in it !