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Joined 9/20 a few days later I received what I thought was the item I wanted. No, box full of forms and catalogs.I went on line to find out how to cancel my account.

I wrote my letter to them explaining why I wanted to discontinue my membership. They refunded my membership fee,then over a week later sent me a backup order. My rep told me to take it to any UPS store and I would get a refund. NO refund, called and was told $21.00 deducted from my refund for shipping.


Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Membership.

Monetary Loss: $62.

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joan d

They weight the membership kit and orders, so if you try to cheat by leaving something out of your return box, you will not be able to do it. People who are talking nonsense about not being able to cancel their Melaleuca membership are either outright lying or a bit slow, all you do is fax a piece of paper with your name, phone# and signature saying "I cancel" Done and Done.

I have sent this fax myself, my account was instantly cancelled, I then came back the next month when I went to the store and realized I was now spending much more at the grocery for chemicals that did not work anywhere as well as my Melaleuca products, I went beck and have now been a loyal customer for 2 years.

As a single mom I appreciate the money I save and the health of my family and the environment. Some of the things I have read here from other people are out and out lies, I suspect they may in fact be written by MLM lurkers who are jealous of the fact that we do not operate as an MLM (Multi Level Marketing and our sales are a Billion dollars a year without hurting anyone or causing people to lose thousands of dollars on whatever magic juice or gadget they have schemed up this week.


watch out for restocking fees and BS policies on credits. They deduct money from your account without actual attempts to contact you.

beware!!! will never fall for something like this again



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