Hamilton, Ontario
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please be advised that I have NOT ORDERED PRODUCTS for the month of August and I was sent the back up order which I dont really need.The product was never received, however my

account with Scotia Bank has been debited by Can$89.05. I understand that the delivery and handling will not be refunded so I expect the cost of the product to be credited back to my account.Your products are quite alright but the system of "force purchase" is the one I dont like.I tried communicating with your company but it seems everyone there is busy.

Roque Isip Jr.

Monetary Loss: $89.

  • refund of money deducted from accoount
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If you received a back-up order, you can return it and get your money back.

You only get a back-up order if you forget to shop before the end of the month. Melaleuca is promoting a healthy partnership between the manufacturer (Melaleuca) and the customers. Benefits and checks for customers; and profit for Melaleuca.


Hey you Mela reps that keep saying the back up order is chosen PAY ATTENTION. Listen instead of blowing your smoke as usual.

The complaint is that he DID NOT REICEVE the order but was billed any freaking way. Sheesh. So unprofessional.

Get real people and get off your not organic soapboxes.


Sickly, I'm so sorry you feel that way. I have been with Melaleuca over 3 years and UPS have sent my package to a different address, it wasn't the companies fault at all.

They just shipped me out another box to replace it. Simple problem solved. And I do love my new store that I shop from now. I don't forget to shop every month, because there are over 500 plus products to choose from.

And you spoke of soapboxes?

I love their soap too! The liquid and the bars...lol....


It was explained u can change your back up order at any time. I have never spoken to someone that wasn't every bit of courteous and kind.

Don't know who signed u up but it's pretty simple and user friendly!!


Melaleuca is a *** shoot. How do you know? The second you try to cancel your membership. They make it impossible.

Please note: If you are a Melaleuca rep, you are entitled to your opinion. Others are also entitled to their opinions and their experiences with the company, although maybe different than your own, should still be respected. None of this 'open your ears' garbage.

Customer service is exceptional until you want to suspend the account and cancel. At that point, customer service is difficult, rude and unhelpful. I canceled my account it August, upon which I was directed to confirm through a link to their website. I confirmed as instructed, and received a confirmation page stating that my account was cancelled. The next month, I still received an automatic package because of a 'glitch in the website.' Yet, they were unable to reimburse despite it being their website glitch and nothing on my part.

Costly products. Costly shipping. Impossible to cancel.

This makes the company unreliable and less than reputable.


It is not forced ordering, it is discounted prices for ordering every month. Change your account to "Direct" and pay retail prices and order whatever, whenever you want.


I almost joined this what now seems to be a scam or monthly fraudulant company that just likes to take whatever advantage monetarry wise from good people and every comment i have read that is geared toward a "satisfied customer" just comes off as being very scripted and absolutely fake as *** and actually sounds quite similar to the the way their little pitch to get u to sign up sounds. so frankly they just for the most part dont sound too legit. Ill keep my money safe in my normal non-meleleuca bank, thank u very much!


Melaleuca products are very good quality and very safe. Better than anything I can find in the stores.

If you like quality then it's for you but if you don't care what you put in or on your body then I would not recommend this for you.

I have been with Melaleuca for a year and have returned products for a full refund minus the postage and taxes because some of the products didn't work out for me. I have referred people who have later dropped out and that without a hitch.


I take it you shop at Walmart like so many of the positive posters refer to...there are thousands of better products, literally...and for less.

Merijo A

Go for it, if that's your choice. Too bad you're missing better, safer, more economical-to-use products.

YOUR LOSS. It's been good for all our family for YEARS.


Exactly! The backup order with a bunch of products no one wants, shipping to and fro really adds up.

They are still trying to bill me when I cancelled months before and had a credit on my account. The products are average and there is nothing natural nor organic about them (BUYER BEWARE) as they try to mislead people to believe.


You should never get a backup order. That would be if you forgot, and then, they would send WHAT YOU TOLD THEM TO SEND YOU.


I have a hard time NOT commenting on YOUR MISLEADING POST. SHAME ON YOU.


Shame on you for drinking the kool-aid.


You can customize your Back-Up order easily and anytime.

To cancel, you can either print out the Cancelation form from the the website or you can just write on a piece of paper your name, phone number or customer number and state you want to cancel with your signature.

Fax or mail to Melaleuca.

Cancelations must be in documentation and has to have your signature. You enrolled by document and you cancel by document.

Merijo A

Hmmm. You CHOOSE what you want as a back-up order, and you receive it only if you did NOT shop.

If you don't want to shop there, you don't need a back-up order.

Close your account.


Everyone is strongly encouraged to create their own personalized back up order for the needs of one's own family...


Regarding the action of R. Isip- These things were never discuss during the presentation ( hidden- in small prints) only about the products. He is a busy man doing double jobs and he has no time even to sit down and read the "contract"MY ADVISE IS- THE AGENT SHOULD EXPLAIN THESE PART FULLY TO ANY PROSPECTIVE MEMBER TO AVOID MISUNDERSTANDING.


Its bad that you did not understand your account with Melaleuca, you have to read...in your members kit you get a DVD and booklet called

preferred customer benefits that explains everything about the acct if you take a look at it. That info is also on the website if you read it that explains the members program.

I have been a customer since Jun 2004 because I went to a presentation at someones home who completely explained the full benefits of having a membership to shop wholesale discount for wellness products better than all products I've bought from stores all my life age 50 now. The products are great I have used over 300 and all the snacks, drinks, bathing, etc. How many did you use to compare? Knowledge is power Melaleuca gives you much facts and info in kit, online, in magazines and share money with you plus free products ongoing.

You must request how to receive your refund either by nail, on your card if its not prepaid or on the MELA acct. Blame the *** who opened your acct for not treating you right to assist you with understanding everything to make your life better!!


You recieved your back up order because that is what you requested to do if you did not make your monthly order. When you are given a presentation that is all told to you.

You recieved product for the money they took from your account. If you wanted to cancel your subscription, all you had to do was fax a letter telling them to cancel and they would do that. Melaleuca is NOT a SCAM, they are a reputable company and do not scam anyone.

What has happened here is you didn't listen to what was told to you and now you want to blame the company. Open your ears and listen!!!!!

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