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I am interested in discussing the petro-chemicals Melaleuca currently uses in their products and why some people would choose to continue buying Melaleuca products when they are not completely safe. Just because they are a little safer than some mainstream products doesn't make them totally "safe" by any means. I have reviewed some of the petro-chemicals they use in their patents and to be honest, I don't know how they can claim to be a "Health and Wellness" company when they are attempting to justify using certain chemicals and claiming they are safe to use. Of the 88,000+ petro-chemicals presently in use today, very few are properly tested especially over the long term. Chemicals they consider to be "safe" today can potentially be harmful 50 years from now. Fluoride is a prime example of what premature research can do. Until the industry changes (if it ever does) we cannot trust it to keep us safe. This applies to Melaleuca as well despite what they continually tell us about testing and their "word".

With the rise in chemical sensitivities in today's workplace and home, people need to go a couple steps further than Melaleuca products and go petro-chemical free. Once the fatty tissues in your body is overloaded with synthetic petro-chemicals, the organs are next to bear the onslaught of synthetic tyranny. And since Melaleuca has refused to cease using certain chemicals which they currently purchase from various chemical plants, my fear is for the long term safety of their consumers.

However, it appears people are more interested in making an income than learning about the hidden dangers present in not only Melaleuca products, but many health food store brands as well. The difference between Mela and the health food store brands is that many companies have discontinued certain chemicals upon discovering new information whereas Melaleuca refuses to do so. As they so blatantly stated in one of their articles, they don't want to "perpetuate the myth."

I would ask people to scrutinize all food labels and personal care product labels. Learn about the ingredients/chemicals and become informed. Once you are armed with the knowledge, noone can deceive you in the future.

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This article is nothing but blather. It sites no facts that are particular to ingredients in Melaleuca Tooth Polish. The same can be said about name brand tooth polishes and tooth pastes.


This Article is based propaganda and full of unsubstantiated claims that are untrue. The company maligned in this should sue - oh but it's an anonymous post. ....


I've been a Mela customer for over 2 years. I really like most products, some absolutely don't cut for me!

The shipping is A BIT MUCH! But the vitamins are worth being a "loyal" customer for me. Would love to see a list of products people really don't like and what they prefer over that product.

I don't like the Sei Bella skin products- they pill up on my face no matter how long I let them sit before moving onto the next step. Same happened with my mom.

I love the dish pods, laundry products.

Hate the clear power, I just spay water and use a towel to dry. My windows and mirrors sparkle =)


My Doctor has our children take fluoride in pill form.We have well water and fluoride is good!What am I missing?


You make a very good point.For me and my family natural is better. Even though there products contain some of these harmful ingredients, it is the best offer I have yet to see.Honestly will we ever beable to completely have products that are truely 100 percent natual? The answer is yes...if you grow it yourself and make it yourself.Otherwise there will always be some component we don't like or is unhealthy for us.Again nothing is for free and nothing is 100 percent natural when eatting it or applying it unless you do it yourself.


Thank you so much for this! I became a customer last month and received my products today.I had ordered the Koala Pals Dental Pack, Koala Pals Body Wash and Shampoo, Affinia Shampoo and Conditioner, Body Satin Body Wash MelaPower Laundry Soap, Clarity Facial Wash, and Whitening Tooth Polish.

I went through the ingredients and of course not knowing what any of them are I started doing some research and was not impressed.

When I was told about the company I was under the impression that this was a “Green” company. That there wouldn’t be chemicals in the products. But low and behold almost all had Parfum in them, laundry soap had preservative, and the kids toothpaste had natural and artificial flavors.

Needless to say that everything is getting shipped back tomorrow unopened, except the toothpaste since my daughter opened that right away.

I contacted the person who signed me up and told her I wanted to cancel my membership. So I have the form and will be printing that off and sending it in!

So upset and feel played!


After my niece was diagnosed with cancer (environmental) back in 1994 at the age of 14 months I jumped head first into wanting to know why. My research brought me to the conclusion that the products we were using in our home where loaded with chemicals that no sane person would expose their family to.

In 1998 we were introduced to Melaleuca and their fabulous product line. I have done my own research and discovered Melaleuca products are safe and will not harm the environment, not only our home but of course the outside as well. There is no such thing as the perfect manufacture but Melaleuca is as close as I've been able to find and is worlds better than what most people are using. After 17 years we love the products and will always use them.

Not only are they safe but cost less than the major manufactures.

So now we get to by a better product (works better and safe) that cost less. A win, win!


Name the chemicals?


I'm having the same issue. I just signed up and I'm very confused.

I'm looking at some of the product ingredients listings that they do show and don't really like what I'm seeing. (way too many product ingredients are not listed!) In Renew, their primary dry skin care product, Petroleum USP is listed as an ingredient so I really don't understand the criticism aimed at this author regarding the objection to petroleum. It is listed on the label! Also fluoride does prevent tooth decay but that does not equal being healthy in the body.

Sorry guys. I'm not supporting the nay sayers here. I'm skeptical of this product. Being "healthier" than the grocery store competition is not good enough.

I need to see that reflected in their ingredient lists. Something labeled GRAS by the FDA is no guarantee anymore.


naturally occuring fluoride is good its the sodium fluoride they put into water supplies and oral care products


You need to look at it again, they do NOT use petroleum it is Petrolatum, two totally different things, be careful about looking over words that look alike hope this helps


Petrolatum, commonly known as petroleum jelly, is a byproduct of petroleum. Go to for warnings..


They are the same. Petro based cheap filler


Can't believe people still use Fluoride if you really knew more about it you wouldn't.


I went to a Melaleuca "presentation" last month only to find that the hand lotion they passed around had--listed right on the label--petrolatum. I have to read food ingredient labels as a matter of a few allergens, but was stunned at how many unrecognizable ingredients there were in their food products.

Hey--I don't condemn people that want to eat that ***; but to go on and on about how safe and healthy your products are and then produce things like that is just testament to how incredibly naive and ignorant people are to looking harder at the things they use and eat.

Maybe they are better than grocery store cleaners.

But most of the grocery store cleaners are not touting themselves to be significantly healthier than "all the rest". JMO


I just have to pipe in on the fluoride issue alone - as a registered dental hygienist I urge anyone to educate themselves on the fluoride issue. There are many websites published by "anti-fluoridationists" that sound very convincing as to why fluoride is harmful.

Please check your sources before believing anything you read. Read the research on websites ending in .org, .edu, or .gov (not .com or .biz, for example) for legitimate, research-based findings and draw your own conclusions. Fluoride has dramatically reduced the amount of tooth decay in many populations over many decades now.

The statistics are out there for anyone who wishes to educate themselves. I use toothpaste with fluoride, my children use toothpaste with fluoride, I recommend it to my patients and would not consider eliminating it!




Their products work.


I am "confused" about the use of the term petro-chemicals. The first thing to understand is that by definition, petro-chemicals are products derived from petroleum!

If and when you discover petroleum based chemicals in the Melaleuca product line will your "complaint" hold any validation at all! With the failure to cite specifics, your complaint should simply be viewed as SPAM!


I can't find a non-floride toothpaste option for adults. Just for kids but maybe I am looking in the wrong place.

I agree they they are.not quite up to date with their products as far as what is considered safe.

Like the use of Sucralose and other artificial sweeteners. However, I do find products I like!

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