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I signed up with this company as a courtesy to a friend of mine and because I was not aware of the intentions of how this company worked. They may have great products, but their policies are UNBELIEVABLY TERRIBLE.

They send out "back-up orders" and charge your credit cards without making you aware. It took me 3 months to cancel this account and I had to call and speak with 4 different people and explain my whole situation AGAIN AND AGAIN because they didn't properly take notes or carry out service. You have to send in a written confirmation of cancellation through fax. I did not have a fax machine, would not cancel OVER PHONE?????

Said I had to cancel by a certain day for it work. THIS CONTRACT WAS STUCK TO ME.

Finally was able to cancel only to see that they had sent ANOTHER ORDER out AFTER cancellation thus making me have to return this order and STILL PAY FOR SHIPPING?!?!?!? Avoid at all costs unless you are committed to making a steady costly monthly payment.

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The CEO is a dinasour when it comes to using the internet to market Melaleuca and is also paranoid about distributors making false claims about earnings or about benefits of the products which may end up with claims against Melaleuca, even though the claims would not be made by the company but by independent distributors.

Instead they teach/encourage that anyone signing up meets their sponsor in person who is supposed to give them a full 20-30 minute presentation, which also explains the rules about back-up orders.

People obviously have an inclination to ahort-cut this process...

The business model itself, when correctly applied, rewards diligence and a desire to help other people (you cannot succeed in it without helping other succeed)


LOL at the Mela cheerleaders... come back in 5 years and tell us how your lives have "enhanced", lol.

All your doing is making $ for the CEO with your "backup" orders. Everyone say it together: Sucker!

@B F

I personally have met about 25 people who have been working with Melaleuca for more that 5 years and it is their primary income. They will produce their income reports too, if you ask.

I am primarily a customer but I have shared it with quite a few people over the last 3 years. Some canceled (with no problems) for various personal reasons but the large majority are still shopping for the last few years. Melaleuca has sent me a commission for referring them and my check always covers my monthly order and more. Of course the CEO is making money, all CEO's do.

But this company shares some of the wealth with their customers who refer.

Not many companies share their wealth with their employees. Please try to make your statements based on personal knowledge not gossip from the internet.

@B F

Hi Le Sigh....I have been a very satisfied customer for 17 years, absolutely love the products, and have made a very good part time income.....a cheque a month for 17 years! I have never had a back up order in that time because I LOVE the products and order at the very least..once a month!!! email me at


Pat from Ohio, you're obviously part of the pyramid scheme. There are plenty of things that don't require a signature to cancel.

It's a ridiculous notion that a signature be required to stop something. It's just another hoop to jump through. This company is trash as are many of it's associates including Amber in Newcastle, CA.

Scam artist trying to sell her *** through the school like the 5% is truly benefiting the kids and not her bottomline. PS Amber, your hair sucks.


Because you did not take your time to understand the rules does not make the rules bad. Own the problem.

Of course you have to have a signature to cancel. How silly to think you would not need a signature.

You made so much out of nothing other than you did not care enough to read and understand the rules. Grow up!


I love Melaleuca its the best company out there. They LIKE

To enhance the lives of those we touch by helping people reach their goals.



Melaleuca is not a pyramid scheme. The person who enrolled you didnt explain to you how the backup orders work.

When you are a PC customer you have to shop monthly and if you don't you will lose all your PC rights. To protect you and your benefits the company has the backup order. This helped me when I was out of the town seeing a sick uncle and forgot to order.

They send me a backorder which protected my benefits. You should talk to your friend that referred you.


If you have any problems cancelling your account here is the breakdown of management.

Lindsey Skinner - Call Center Manager: She has the ultimate say on backup order processing and canceling accounts.

Martin Casarriego - Daytime Manager: If you are calling before 5pm (Mountain Standard Time) He is the manager directly under Lindsey.

Jericho Cline - Nighttime Manager: If you are calling after 5pm (MST) Lindsey is gone for the day and he is the ultimate authority.

If you ask to speak to a supervisor, the associate will most likely transfer you to what is called a "Team Lead". Basically a secretary with no supervisor authority. Make sure you are speaking with a supervisor, because Team Leads will say they are supervisors.

Daytime Supervisors:

Ty Taylor (Spanish)

Marcia Acosta (Spanish)


Dan Toone

Jackie Maupin

Chris Hader

Susan Davis

Paige Cahoon

Nighttime Supervisors:


Michael Watkins

Quinn Hansen

Coby James

Thomas Jenkins

Phil Warnak

Derek Zaugg

Bradford Hunt

I'm not familiar with all of the nighttime supervisors, there are others I haven't listed.

If you would like to speak with Lindsey, Martin, or Jericho directly. Here is Melaleuca's internal operator number.


An associate will answer and ask how she can direct your call.

Simply ask for "Lindsey Skinner" and she will transfer you. If Lindsey is busy and doesn't pick up, you can leave a message.

For email, it is simply the supervisor or manager's first letter of their initial and last name

For example:

Lindsey Skinner's email is

Martin Casarriego's email is (If I spelled his name right)

Jericho Cline's email is

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