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I signed up with this company as a courtesy to a friend of mine and because I was not aware of the intentions of how this company worked. They may have great products, but their policies are UNBELIEVABLY TERRIBLE.

They send out "back-up orders" and charge your credit cards without making you aware. It took me 3 months to cancel this account and I had to call and speak with 4 different people and explain my whole situation AGAIN AND AGAIN because they didn't properly take notes or carry out service. You have to send in a written confirmation of cancellation through fax. I did not have a fax machine, would not cancel OVER PHONE?????

Said I had to cancel by a certain day for it work. THIS CONTRACT WAS STUCK TO ME.

Finally was able to cancel only to see that they had sent ANOTHER ORDER out AFTER cancellation thus making me have to return this order and STILL PAY FOR SHIPPING?!?!?!? Avoid at all costs unless you are committed to making a steady costly monthly payment.

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When you enroll with them they tell you what a back up order is and make you confirm it with them,they also tell you that you need to cancel by the 25th of each month, when and if you decide this is not for you. How is this company a pyramid scheme?

Because you did not listen or because you did not read the terms!

That is your fault not the company! A pyramid scheme builds on itself, based on taking money directly from someone else's commission...this does not work that way!

@Work from home mommy!

Yes, it does work that way. They make commissions off of what other people sell.


When you enroll with them they tell you what a back up order is and they also tell you that you need to cancel by the 25th if you decide this is not for you. How is this company a pyramid scheme?

Because you did not listen or because you did not read the terms! That is your fault not the company!


"Blame it on the customer!"

Not being able to cancel online is perfect example of Melaleuca keeping control of your wallet - pure and simple. ~KK

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." - Albert Einstein


I have no I idea why you make such a big deal about back up order. It is really for your own benefit. It's like an insurance, so that if you forget to place an order the products you selected will be sent to you that way you wont lose your benefits like your $20.00 free products a month for the next five months, your residual income that month and more.


I tell all of my preferred customers UPFRONT about the back up order! We are trained to tell potential preferred customers!

It is not the fault of Melaleuca, but the fault of your friend for not telling you up front. It is also stated in the brochures/kit you received in the mail!

Educate yourself!


its a scheme. its ***, get a real job


We have found the products to be everyting they claim and more. I thnik the contract is very straight forward. Sorry you had a bad experience but I don't think you can blame the company.


And who do YOU make money for? The only way you can make your comment is if you are unemployed.

C'mon. Everybody makes money off of everybody.

It's the American Way. They are called CUSTOMERS!


You SHOULD have been aware of the backup order upon enrollment. It is clearly stated AND presented on their online presentations. Maybe you didn't go thru the proper channels? Sometimes, when you do friends favors you/they skip important facts.

ANYONE can cancel their preferred membership by the 25th of ANY month IN WRITING (which, again, is clearly stated in the presentation/enrollment process)

Sorry you have such a bad taste in your mouth for Melaleuca.

By the way: WHAT do you consider a PYRAMID SCHEME? Take a look at your mom/dad, brother/uncle, sister/cousin's company: It has the CEO atthe top, then some VPS, then Managers, then Sales, then production, etc EVERY company has a 'pyramid' shaped organization. There's nothing wron with that, as long as there is a legimitate product/service being sold. Melaleuca is very unique because the customers are NOT outside this organiation but instead they are inside-able to earn an income.

@M. Briggs

Pyramid scheme has nothing to do with the actual shape of the company hierarchy, it has to do with money changing hands in a pyramid structure. As in, I pay a small fee to the person above me for a product or service, real or not, and then I recruit people below me who pay me for a product or service. Then they recruit people, etc, etc creating a pyramid where the people at the top are making substantial amounts of money.

This is different than a normal company hierarchy because I don't know about you, but I've never had to pay the person above me to work for the company.

Melaluca is not a traditional pyramid scheme, and I've heard the products are good, but it is a type of multilevel marketing.

Have a good day!


Thanks A for explaining that it is not a pyramid scheme. It amazes me that people jump all over that phrase without knowing what it is. The main point is that Pyramid Schemes are illegal and you can't be a 28 year old company with the top awards from the BBB if you are a Pyramid Scheme - think about it!!

The MLM difference is more difficult to understand. This is for all the people who think they know what it is!! (Not you A):-)

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a marketing strategy in which the SALES FORCE is compensated, not only for sales they PERSONALLY GENERATE, but also for the sales of others they recruit, creating a downline of DISTRIBUTORS and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation.

When the company started, the founder did not like the MLM model, he thought it was too much risk for the distributors, pressuring them into buying excess product to reach quotas. That is not allowed in Melaleuca as it puts people at risk of getting in to debt and Melaleuca prides itself on helping people get out of debt. He created a new business model based on the insurance industry. So he created a business model with a compensation plan where the average customer could win and create a better life for themselves, not just the MLM go-getters that were succeeding on the backs of average people losing their money.

I think it is exactly like joining a book club online, where you sign up to be mailed one book a month, every month until you cancel. Then if you refer someone to do the same the company rewards you with free product or possibly money. Nobody accuses them of being a pyramid scheme.

Fundamental to Melaleuca’s Business model is that they reward their CUSTOMERS for referring others by awarding them a total of 51% of the company’s revenues, every month.

Melaleuca has no risk. Most MLM companies have risk.

Please note that we DO NOT MAKE MONTHLY SALES, and WE ARE NOT DISTRIBUTORS OR REPS. Melaleuca has ONE level of distribution, THE COMPANY. There are other reasons that an informed person would see how this is not MLM but this one is key.

I know that many people will not really read this or they will and not believe it because so many people love to pass on inflammatory news about companies, it makes them feel important, passing along mis-information they also read on the internet.

I feel bad for the people that were not told the right information, by a neglectful member at the presentation but not for the ones who insist on not doing it the right way and then bad mouth the company. Also if you say you were never told, Melaleuca also sends EVERYONE a complete kit with the paper forms in it and a complete book explaining all the rules and details of how to conacel.

Melaleuca has been made aware that people are complaining online that they can not cancel. Unfortunately with the chance for independent customers to refer people, there are occasionally some of those customers that want to make money and do not bother to learn the rules. That spoils it for the rest who do it right and believe only in helping people. Melaleuca has realized that while they had a good system in place to cancel, there were people who were not told or just fight the process because they think it should not be that way. (All contracts have to be cancelled in writing!) You can now cancel on any day of the month and if you phone them, their customer service people will stay on the line with you until you have found the form to cancel on the website (apparently some people said it was hard to find!)

One more thing. There are 3 ways to be enrolled.

1. Paper forms which you sign and you have to initial to say you allow and understand the back-up order.

2. Online where you are sent the enrollment with your info on it (which you supplied) and are asked to check it all including the box that says you understand the back-up order and then you digitally sign it. You are also sent emails to confirm everything.

3. On the phone where the customer service person at the company asks you again if you understand the back-up order and they will not enroll you until you understand and say you understand.

Most people that say it took 3 months to cancel are people that let it slide, maybe phoned in, found out they had to do it in writing, refused to do it, kept calling and getting the same info (it's not gonna change!). Come on people, fax the paper like you said you would when you enrolled. Don't have a fax?, scan it and email it, don't have a scanner?, - Staples, Office Depot, UPS stores, they are everywhere, it is about $1.


Actually, there are no laws on the books that make "pyramid schemes" illegal. The only ways that previous companies accused of such practices have ever been taken down was due to poor accounting practices and tax-evasion.


I have been a melaleuca customer for 10 yrs. Always happy with their products and customer service.

Never had a single issue. Many companies offer monthly shipping, it's good business.

I have never had an issue with canceling or changing an order. It's not hard.

@Indy girl

Good post Indy it


Have been working with Melaleuca for 4 years, I have never had anyone not able to cancel, we do help and enhance many lives, most of our enrollees are customers who want quality safe products, then there are a few who spread the word and help others grow their business. Your friend isn't doing the business correctly if she didn't explain backup or cancellation .

Products are life changing for many, including myself! As for the Internet, we do live webinars all the time and enroll people from coast to coast.

We also do training with the Internet and programs like "go to meeting". Best of luck, if you truly want a quality company, Melaleuca is it.


You can return any item -- even if it is a matter of you ordering the wrong shade of return the back up order and cancel your membership.

Not hard, just send them a piece of paper.


All these complaints are the same. Everyone is not properly told on how the business works. If you don't understand something speak up, ask questions. I asked my enroller probably a million questions. She showed me two webcasts and then I took an extra two weeks to even decide to sign up. Read anything and everything before you sign something. This is not a pyramid scheme. You have to be dedicated to the products not the system. Referring the products to people will enrich their lives. Which in turn will help you succeed. It's that simple. Whoever showed you the presentation didn't tell you all the perks of the membership, which confused you.

I'm sorry that happened to you though.

The people who are doing Melaleuca to help others are the ones who honestly want to help others succeed. Find someone who can help answer all your questions without being pushy.

Please email me if you have anymore questions @


I'm complaining more so on the customer service rather the service itself, so why don't you read my comment you ***.

Melaleuca never gave me any paperwork as a copy. They are disorganized and sloppy.


I don't understand all of the complaining about the back up orders and the cancellations.

1. It say in black and white on the customer agreement which backorder would you like.

2. Dont sign things if you have not read them.

3. Credit card companies anlong with other businesses require you to write a letter in order to close your account.

4. Stop being *** read the fine print on anything you sign.

5. Some situations are avoidable!!

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