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I signed up with this company as a courtesy to a friend of mine and because I was not aware of the intentions of how this company worked. They may have great products, but their policies are UNBELIEVABLY TERRIBLE.

They send out "back-up orders" and charge your credit cards without making you aware. It took me 3 months to cancel this account and I had to call and speak with 4 different people and explain my whole situation AGAIN AND AGAIN because they didn't properly take notes or carry out service. You have to send in a written confirmation of cancellation through fax. I did not have a fax machine, would not cancel OVER PHONE?????

Said I had to cancel by a certain day for it work. THIS CONTRACT WAS STUCK TO ME.

Finally was able to cancel only to see that they had sent ANOTHER ORDER out AFTER cancellation thus making me have to return this order and STILL PAY FOR SHIPPING?!?!?!? Avoid at all costs unless you are committed to making a steady costly monthly payment.

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First of all.. ManUp!

Why hide under a veil of secrecy? And being ignorant doesn't make you lame

feedback of any value. :)

I am a Presidents Club earner - fool! And...

slow down on the Kool Aid. lol

"Go peddle your residual income tales."

KK©2015 All Rights Reserved

[RBI™] Recruiting Based Income i.e., Leadership point/NoRecruitNoPay


I totally agree with you moneywho


It's just like a job .. You don't work you don't get paid.. No employer or anyone will give you money for free..

Everyone must work for their money..

Inso I have and due to working earn $4,500.00 every month..


How's that working working for ya? #NoRecruitNoPay #pyramidScheme


You don't get paid for recruiting that's for MLM companies,melaleuca is not MLM. We are a direct selling company we gather who ever showed you melaleuca explained it the wrong way.


And all these angry commenters who are in the business are a great example of the environment of the entire scheme.


Angry? I guess I missed those.


Melaleuca sucks! Hope you don't miss ythis one.~KK


My father is in the business and I absolutely hate it. It has driven him away from his family, he continuously chooses his "friends" over us.

I say "friends" because they're all corrupt and dont understand what a real friendship is. My parents are getting a divorce because of an affair with another woman in the business. The majority of the people in this business look down on those who simply can't take the risk of joining. When they go out, they put themselves on a high horse and talk about themselves as if they're kings and queens.

They shame anyone who doesn't want or believe in the business. I truly hate this company.

It promotes family life but all it has done for mine is tear it apart. The products are great, I do reccomend using them but do not sign up for the business because success rate is low and the people are ***


I doubt all you multi-level marketers have any idea what the truth is anymore. You sell your stuff way above the market price to your friends and family and make a percentage off of stealing money from your friends.

You tell endless lies just to keep the money flowing in.

And you are all a bunch of defrauding ***!


Just came back from a Melaleuca Convention in Utah a week long...I feel for your frustrations...Your sponsor might have not taken a good amount of time to walk through with you steps by steps how this Melaleuca investment work from the beginning. This year Melaluca added 100 people on their Millionaires club list...

The company added new products and adopted a new compensation plan for the customers like me and you. Making your frustrations like this a piece of cake. This is the future vehicle not to missed, should we want to go from where we are now to where we want to be.

I call my future -financial freedom; where money will not limit my dreams but -helping others. I hope you come back because the new compensation plan is not the will love it!


Your "friend" should have informed you of how Melaleuca's preferred membership works. Plus the membership kit is very informative and when enrolling as a shopper the back up order is something that is marked and selected by the shopper who is enrolling.

Unfortunately you were 1 more shopper who was not properly informed!

So sorry! I have been a shopper for 12 yrs and love the products, save $ and I take advantage of the revenue sharing program which is an added benefit to my family & me for helping people improve their health.


This review is absolutely wrong about the company Melaleuca!! I have been a customer for over two years now and have had nothing but good experiences with the company!!

I have never received a back up order unless I didn't get to make my order that month previously! The company gives you until the last day of the month to make your order and if you can not they clearly tell you before signing up that you will have a preselected back up order sent to you in order for you to continue your membership with them with out any interruption. Again it is preselected also so these are all products that you the customer are able to chose and it only comes if you have not made your order by the last day of the month!!@!

The products are very cheap in comparison with other proctor and gamble products and they are also a high quality, all natural, eco friendly company!!! I would highly recommend to anyone to switch stores and go with Melalueca!!!!


Wow, lots of exclamation marks. Hype-machine, ACTIVATE!


I have noticed most of the comments on here are from individuals that work for the company. You should consider not commenting as customer's have the right to comment on their experience and not be lashed back at by the employes.

If you go to a store and receive poor service and make a complaint to their customer service department, whatever the complaint may be, you do not have angry e-mails fr store employees calling you a liar and such. Posting such accusations and ridiculous emoticons with angry faces, speaks volumes to your professionalism. Listen to your customers, that's how you improve business. Finally yes these representatives do explain the back up order yet in my own experience the signing up really feels forced.

I was told at the beginning of my presentation that first of all they were not here to take any money. The lady I was with hearing the presentation for the first time also had that same pressure on her when we were asked to produce our credit cards and sign these forms which we were not reading over. Before you know it, your out the door with a charge to your credit card that's going to keep happening every 30 days. Lying no.

Sneaky and bad business practice yes. Please don't send any more accusations and angry e-mail Meleuca employees.

The person who originally made the comment of how she was dissatisfied, weather being correct or not, has the right too, with such unprofessional back lash. When you send such e-mails Meleuca employees you just hurt your cause.


This is complete ***! And I am going to call you a liar!

You are informed of the "back up order" by the person enrolling you and also when you enroll! As for canceling you can cancel at anytime!

:( So get your facts straight! Just because this wasn't for you don't make it hard for people who want to do it and are honest!!!!!


Why post as "anonymous" if you so strongly support this company?


I agree! This company is just out to make money.

My mom is involved in the business part and it has put a strain on our family because that is all she thinks about. The products are good but over priced plus you pay for shipping.

Costco has just as good natural products and you get WAY more for your money. My moms life is mela and she now had to take a part time job after retirement because she makes NO money from mela and she is still brain washed.


Jamison 820 - no need to go through all that. I have never heard of anyone being refused a cancellation - if they do it right.

The reason they need a signature is so that some one cannot just call in and cancel your account. Some people earn hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands every month and it would be a disaster if someone could just call in and cancel their account. People, if you want to cancel, just go on the website, download the form, sign it, and fax it in!

NO Fax machine? Ever heard of Staples?


Money who - this is 2015. Wakeup and smell the coffee.

A digital signature online is 100% secure. I believe (melaleuca Inc. Hinders the cancellation process Knowing *** well the average busy *** will fail to go through the hoops... and increase the potential of hitting their card a month or more longer.

•Go peddle you meal-tails of a better life for all who follow. ~ Respectfully ~KK

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