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I signed up with this company as a courtesy to a friend of mine and because I was not aware of the intentions of how this company worked. They may have great products, but their policies are UNBELIEVABLY TERRIBLE.

They send out "back-up orders" and charge your credit cards without making you aware. It took me 3 months to cancel this account and I had to call and speak with 4 different people and explain my whole situation AGAIN AND AGAIN because they didn't properly take notes or carry out service. You have to send in a written confirmation of cancellation through fax. I did not have a fax machine, would not cancel OVER PHONE?????

Said I had to cancel by a certain day for it work. THIS CONTRACT WAS STUCK TO ME.

Finally was able to cancel only to see that they had sent ANOTHER ORDER out AFTER cancellation thus making me have to return this order and STILL PAY FOR SHIPPING?!?!?!? Avoid at all costs unless you are committed to making a steady costly monthly payment.

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anice 1 day ago #1136053 Scarborough, Ontario

I have no idea where the idea of no recruit / no pay is coming from.

My brother has been a member for YEARS and NEVER referred anyone, but he has received a check EVERY SINGLE MONTH. The same goes for my parents.

If you are going to make such a statement, tell the truth!

This isn't about your kid brother getting a two or three dollar "gaming rebait/gaming check back each month.

This is about hard working people being cheated out of / some, like me being frauded out of tens of thousands, and hundred of thousands of dollars! #GoSellYourNotMLM

* * Search Results Ad or Not: Melaleuca's Bright and Shiny BBB Page | Truth In ... Ad or Not: Melaleuca's Bright and Shiny BBB Page.

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I have no idea where the idea of no recruit / no pay is coming from.

My brother has been a member for YEARS and NEVER referred anyone, but he has received a check EVERY SINGLE MONTH. The same goes for my parents.

If you are going to make such a statement, tell the truth!


Grow up. Melaleuca, Inc. Is a senseless MLMpyramidScheme


This is a MLM scheme. My boss is huge into this company and products, but the one check she got back was $23.00.

That's not enough to feed a family!

I believe in working hard for your money, not just sitting on your computer/laptop ordering products and recruiting people to work under you, so than you don't have to.

I admit the products are pretty decent, but, they leave out what they actually put in their products and that's something I would like to know. I get it, it's all natural and blah,blah, blah, but what kind of "natural" products are you putting in these products?

Plus the vitamins make me absolutely sick!

Any time I take them I want to throw up. It's so nasty...


I purchased their vitamins and had a severe allergic reaction that nearly sent me into anaphlastic shock. When I informed the company, they offered me an exchange in product instead of applogizing and sending my refund back.

I also pointed out that other customers need to be aware of purchasing items that contain shellfish packed into their vitamins but my concerns went unanswered and they continue to market their products as family safe. I was horrified at their lack of caring.

Not only that but their so called best vitamins on the earth cost potential customers over $100.00. Don't fall for their marketing scheme, and make sure you always ask what's involved.


Just cancel your card and get another one.


Do you read what do you sign?? If not I will recommend you to do it from now on......


I came across this as oi was looking for a link to give my new customer today,As im reading all these comments its insane my name is Megan im a director 6 with the company i make well over 1,000 a month with Melaleuca . Also almost qualify for the free car bonus.HUGE AWESOME THING only been with the company 6 months i work hard and do my job correctly all my customer i enroll know about the 35 product point commitment also they are informed of the back up order as well before even signing up!!

I also call my customers every month to remind them to place their order alot of them don't need reminding because they need things and place their order anyway!!

i just want to say im sorry for your experiences whoever enrolled you didn't do their job right!! Its people like whoever enrolled you that make Melaleuca look so bad its a shame have a blessed day as for working 16 year and never making anything over 200$ just means you weren't trying im 22 and did this in 6 months blessings to everyone


Wow. Try using some punctuation next time, other than double exclamation points.

Also, the dollar sign is supposed to go before the number, i.e. $200.

Pyramid scheme. No thanks.


To Anonymous

Did you know that the $ sign goes AFTER the number in some countries? Did it dawn on you that perhaps this person is not from this country?

Give them a break.

As for your comment about Pyramid Scheme, those are illegal in the United States and money others.

If Melaleuca were a Pyramid Scheme, they would not be around 30 years later. It would be quite something for an illegal operation to continue to break sales records and become a threat to all the other manufacturing companies who keep knocking at Melaleuca's door to buy them out.

If you want to know the truth about Melaleuca, go to,


My mother in law was a member at some level that I'm unsure of. I say was because she passed away this month.

Melaluca believes that they can just charge her credit card in perpetuity and keep sending their *** products to her address. We are unable to cancel without sending them a death certificate. It's utterly ridiculous! They take advantage of people with their "back-up" order, plain and simple.

If this isn't the definition of a pyramid scheme, I don't know what is. (and yes, I've thoroughly read the definition of pyramid scheme).


Cancel the credit


Sorry to hear..

Here's a tip.. Cancel her credit card and her orders will stop..

She was no doubt a happy customer and due to the privacy act as it is an agreement between the consumer and company no one can intervene..

Just like any contract..

To keep it simple for yourself just can the card..

There actually doing the right thing by law..



Connecting the justice dots...


I have been a customer for 2 years now and have no problems! I love the products, the back up order is so that I don't run out of what I need and when I have had a problem with any item they have sent me a replacement or corrected it immediately!

So I'm very happy and my friend who enrolled me has been a great help with everything also!

I have boys with seasonal allergies and every year they have less symptoms relating to the pollen because we have less of a toxic environment. I love my melaleuca;)


There was no reason for this. Had you filled out the paperwork and faxed it in by the cutoff date, and that means before the last day to order so they wouldn't have to send a backup order, it would have cancelled in time to prevent another order.

I wonder about the motives of the person that enrolled you. They should have made you aware that the backup order would come each month that you were enrolled and didn't order. The real reason for this is to prevent you from losing your preferred status. You were told there is a 35 point commitment each month or should have been.

There again I wonder about the person that enrolled you. There are bad people even in good companies. They are out for themselves and they will beg, borrow or steal to get what they want. I am truly sorry that anyone has had this experience.

I have been with Melaleuca for a year. I have yet to get a backup order but I order each and every month. I love the products. The problem you had was not with the company but the individual that enrolled you.

I am sorry that you didn't realize you could return those items you didn't want.

You can go in and print off a return label and return any items you aren't satisfied with within 60 days. Since you didn't want the products because you were trying to delete your membership, they would have refunded.


Why would they force people to have back up orders as opposed to ordering when they want to. Bad business practice. Period!


I was in Mela for 16 long years. Trouble is - if you don't recruit you don't get paid on your group.

My check in April 2014, was $123.47 Not real impressive for a business that does over $1'000'000.00 a year in sales. Go sell your dream!


That's just not true! KK.

You get paid on ALL customers you introduced, month after month, for as long as they stay a preferred customer! After 16 years if your check is only $123.47 that is because you chose to not to ask more people to become customers. Surely you are not suggesting that they give you a commission on people you did not introduce, just because they are a profitable company? The size of your check is a reflection of YOUR efforts and success, not a reflection of THEIR efforts and success.

However I must say that if I was getting $123 a month to shop somewhere each month I would never quit! Even if you spend $100 a month on products you are getting EVERY product for FREE and then an extra $23 in cash!!

Who would be crazy enough to quit that? Makes no sense to me!

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