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I got a call from a neighbor who got me over to her house on a false pretense (to help with a block party) and then sat there and pressured me for OVER an hour to buy Melaleuca products AND to work for her since then she'd get a percentage of my sales. She was the pushiest person ever and was insulted that I didn't want to commit to spending $50 a month on their products.

$50 a month? Are you kidding? I don't spend anything close to that on personal products and cleaning products. She made all sorts of ridiculous claims.

I was pregnant and also have a baby, and she kept telling me that I was going to give my child cancer if I used Johnson and Johnson or Aveeno products. Ridiculous. I cannot believe how rude this rep was.

I've done some research on the company, and it looks like many people have had the same negative experience and heard the same false claims.

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Go to the CDC's website, then tell me the products you are putting on your babies aren't cancerous. They will tell you ingredient by ingredient what the affects are.

Educate yourself please, those are your children. Look into the company via screw your neighbor!


Have you checked out the products you use? might be worth it whether or not your neighbor is pushy.


I don't think that "googling" quilifies as research


Well, I'm sorry that this neighbor, who you call a rep, was so pushy. Some people just aren't business saavy.

But, honestly, what does this individual have to do with Melaleuca? Melaleuca did not "hire" this person to work for their company.

This person saw an opportunity to earn some extra income, and unfortunately for you, she/he was overzealous in their quest. So, please get your facts straight, as the individual is to blame, and not Melaleuca.


Hypocrite! I have been harassed by a Melaleuca 'director' who every time I try to cancel my account badgers me into reactivating because and I quote ' I don't realize the 'impact' on current 'they're losing money"...

total cult mentality. Trying to feed us *** with the sap stories(that incidentally you can find word for word on If you care about your kids and not giving them chemicals, you don't need melaleuca.. just use the God-given products of the earth unprocessed.

Tried to convince me cancer was reversed using the vitamin packs.

HA! ...Believe me I know about healing from DOES NOT involve Melaleuca.

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