Pioche, Nevada

I signed up as a favor to a friend. Was told how amazing I would feel if I took the vitamins.

I was shocked to find out I needed to order $70 a month. He pressured me to stay with it. I realized the more people he signed up the more he makes. After three months I decided to stop.

Got the run around around. Called back with my credit card rep on the line. Got a whole different story. Credit card rep documented the conversation for my protection.

Product maybe good but way overpriced. $20 for hand location?

Really? How many people up the line get a piece of the pie.

Product or Service Mentioned: Melaleuca Vitamins.

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$20.00 Hand Location ??? What is that ?


I like some of the cleaning products very much and greatly appreciate the non toxic and earth friendly nature. My complain is when you do not like a product they act like they have never had a complaint like that and for a one time only favor they will credit you.

The nutrition products are too chemical for me full of splenda.

But the laundry, cleaning and dish soap keeps me coming back for more. I am not using as a business.


You could get a piece of the pie too. And if you watched the "learn to earn" videos you get free products.

I personally love Melaleuca and have only been ordering since Jan 2014. I don't mind paying good prices for good products. I have six children in my home that all have some type of allergy, whether on their skin or coughing, sneezing, wheezing or puffy itchy eyes from other chemicals. We live 8 miles from the nearest store DG or convenience store and 20 miles from nearest walmart.

So having great non-toxic products sent to our house is a great idea. I don't care if someone else benefits from signing me up, it's no different telling others to go to my car dealership ( they give me $100 every time someone tells them I referred them and they buy a car). Same goes with my cable company, my tax person, and a few other places. What does it hurt to help a friend earn what a whole 7% of your order.

That's not much out of a $70 order. Think about how you sound.

And your helping 7 families. Get on telling others and you get a little or big paycheck too.


Spot on Annony !!! I couldn't agree more with your comment about the Melaleuca products & their earth friendliness.

I appreciate the FREE products I received as a preferred customer as well as the Bonus Loyalty dollars to spend. This is not making me "spend more money" , but saving me money on products I use everyday that I would have shopped for at another grocery store. And, yes... I did also watch the "Learn to earn videos", which earned me more Loyalty dollars to spend, and explained how we ALL profit from buying & using Melaleuca products...

not just the person who "signed me up" or the greedy corporate people of Walmart, Proctor & Gamble, Colgate / Palmolive, etc. With Melaleuca, both people & the earth benefit :)

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