Wetumpka, Alabama

They tell me I must download a form and fill it out and mail it in, I have been trying to do this for 45 days but the form will not download. They tell me I must continue to order from them until I get the form and mail it in.

I called the Company and asked them to mail me a copy because I could not download the form and I was told they could not do that. So I am stuck until I can write them a letter and I was just told of this today after trying to withdraw for 45 days.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Refuse to accept the product when it comes. If you can't send it back to them, hold on to it unopened.

Send a registered letter explaining your situation. Be sure to keep a copy of the letter.

Then if and when they send you to a collection agency, you have proof of what you tried to do, and the product to verify you don't want it. Worked for me.


You need to file complaint with Better Business Bureau. It's BS that they require you to download a form, sign it and fax it.

Who faxes anymore??! This was same problem with me--I couldn't download that *** form. They had no problem taking my credit card info online--without a signature--so why must they make it difficult for me to cancel? It's because they try to suck every last penny out of you!

You are required to log in with username and password, so it's not about security issues! Please, when I signed up, they had no problem doing everything online! Now that I try to remove myself, I can't even remove my credit card info! Like the cult that they are, they have my card forever!!

I just filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The public needs to know this company sucks! I've ordered skin care products from Meaningful Beauty and have automatic shipments, but certainly don't come across any cancellation problem like this! Meaningful Beautify did not suck anything out of me.

They have been very gracious and said I can return at anytime to resume my account. That's what all online businesses should be like, unlike Melaleuca!!


I am in disbelief as I read the negative comments. I have used the products as a customer since Nov.

2010 and think they are well worth the money. I guess it all depends on your perception of value and what that means to you. In my situation, I have a child with asthma and can't have scented cleaning products and soaps in my home. I actually have six children and my laundry soap last more than 2 months.

Can't say that Tide or Cheer ever did the same, and I paid significantly more for those products. I think people don't realize that the products are concentrated and may be shocked at the sticker price, but if you consider how many uses, then you'll see it is less expensive than other products, not to mention, safer and better for the environment. There is proven data out there for those skeptics out there. If you use them properly, they will last significantly longer than other products, which end up costing significantly less than what you'd buy at Walmart or Target.

By the way, there is an eoc-line a Target, but it's not concentrated and ended up being more expensive. I can't say enough great things about the products and service. The melaleuca lotion is unlike anything on the market. There is money back guarantee with no catches, so I'm not sure what these other folks are referencing.

In addition, if you want to cancel, you have access to the form on your Melaleuca ordering site. You select it, complete the information, and send it and you're done. I wouldn't hestitate to refer Melaleuca. My only complant is that I sometimes don't go through the products quick enough and there is a minimum that needs to be ordered monthly.

I think people should come up with their own conclusions after researching.


It's March 20th so here's what you need to do. Write your note of cancellation and fax it in no later than the 25th.

That's it. You're done, but IF you don't do this by the 25th you will receive a back-up order as was stated in the presentation, not to mention the contract, and the funds will be withdrawn from your account. The fax number is on your contract in the upper right corner. You shouldn't cancel though, because the products; and business opportunity if that's what you want; will change your life.

Call the company and ask them to get you in contact with a successful business builder in your area. They should help you.


When they called you in to set up your account they told you point blank that you could easily cancel in writing at anytime. If you did paperwork or enrolled online, they said the same thing.

You could have wrote a note on a paper towel, they NEVER force you to use the form and if you understood the value of Melaleuca you wouldn't have wanted to leave in the first place. Posts like this give an honest company an undeserved bad reputation.


Your melaleuca contract stated that to cancel you must do so in writing by the 25th of the month. There is no form just write the letter. If your pissed than learn to read.


I think pleased on Mar 01 does not know what he/she is talking about. There is a form that must be downloaded and faxed before the deadline. So before you (pleased) get up on you high horse telling people to learn to read I think that you should first get your facts straight.


Melaleuca Policy Number 10 gives clear directions on "Election to Cancel Agreements." The individual needs to specify Preferred Customer or/and Marketing Executive Agreement(s). There are details to include when not using the Melaleuca form to cancel.

These policies are included in the materials of the kit received when the individual enrolled. They can easily be found on the www.melaleuca.com website. It is easier to leave Melaleuca than to enroll. It only takes one piece of paper.

If you use the products you received how can you lose anything? If you were able to return products within the time period, your only cost/loss would have been the shipping, an amount far less than indicated on your comments. You enroller evidently abandoned you.

Do you not have any contact with him or her? Pity that this neglect has led you to such negative perceptions of an entire company based on inadequate information.

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