We love this product but want to stay as a preferred customer, as not interested in building a business but joined to support our daughter in building her Melaleuca business . We are both on a disability pension and finding it hard to find $100 dollars a month on an order.

As there is only 2 of us our products last a while.if we were able to order on as needed basis, which maybe a smaller order each month, it would suit our budget better.

Don't want to stop buying this product . Is there anyone else in the same position.

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I totally agree. There is so many products to choose from, like I use cosmetics and vitamins and have no problem to meet monthly requirements. I know there is people who maybe don’t use the same variety, then you can ask your family or friends to buy a few products


Hi Amanda, I love the products too I don't seem to have your problem I just a single guy but I constantly switch products each month and ordering the min give or take I easily use up what I get. I usually mix in consumable items like the snack bars or coffee pods; things like that.

I'm sure if I were a woman i'd be using a lot of the cosmetic and skin care items. There are so many different things that I find it hard to believe you're overstocking yourself. Perhaps you're just a creature of habit (which isn't a bad thing) and only get a few items all the time of the same thing. Then I can see this happening.

You can always share with others and have them buy from you.

Just to limit what you keep for yourself while maintaining the minimum order. Hope this helps



If you simply want to buy products less often, I can show you how that is done. It's just not widely know.


I would like to know.


Well how do you do it?


You can call 1-800-485-7913 and ask how to not purchase monthly.


It's simple all you do is become a regular customer but you pay retail no discount buy when you want and and when.


The title I see reads, "Excuses." "[You] joined to support your daughter in building her Melaleuca business," yet you are adamant about helping yourself or helping others discover the store. You are typically selfish in the sense that you want all of the benefits from the store but only be in sub par.

In my experience, you are getting what you put in. The headache you are giving your daughter is not worth her trouble, nor is it worth everyone else's trouble viewing this.

There is an option for being a Preferred Customer without having to commit the 35-Pt Per Month, it is to enroll a happy customer yourself that loves what the store has to offer and the mission they are destined to do. By doing this, not only have you made your life better, but now you've shown a loved one (etc.) and now they are reaping the benefits of Melaleuca.com's grace. This newly enrolled customer in your organization, insuring that he/she shops every month, dictates that you are a Preferred Customer.

Whatever happens to the relationship that you two have from this point forward should not be based upon the purchase(s) you made with this store. Those who are using this review of Melaleuca.com as window or a crutch to advertise your brand are mentally demonic.

The negativity that some customers are experiencing is due to the lack of awareness during the initial presentation. Matter it be the cloud of excitement to be dreaming again, or the anxiety of letting that family member or friend down--if you not have had enlisted to become a customer with Melaleuca.com; you must be the age of 18 or older to have a membership, we are adults, "Own up to our choices". Our intentions when we decide on becoming a customer elsewhere come so naturally, as though it has deep roots; or excuse me for the lack of a better phrase, "Hard wired," in our daily lives as a society.

Seeing a tour of the Melaleuca.com store is heavy in the way initiatives invite, but to our senses it becomes light during the presentation; because you actually see what it really is not. Welcoming and low-key, what is all the hype about? All it is are groceries on-line. The conversation comes natural from the relationship that you have with the one whom invited you, your daughter, as it is with that "Pissed" character's complaints of customer service and the person who invited him.

Either your intentions were to help or to impress, its goal has always been to better, and enrich each one of your lives by bettering and enriching those besides YOU.

I bet you had never thought the patented Oligo technology would deliver what it promises? Or the same hand soap you wash your hands with, yea you own a part of that. That toothpaste and mouth wash you have been using, do you give the it the same scrutiny as it is doing to the enamel of your teeth, and lining of your esophagus? Ever thought of blaming that groggy feeling (i.e moods swings) you are experiencing on your gut, or lower digestive tract?

Regularity can save your lives, it can definitely save your wallets and the pain and suffering in your years to come. {The total cost for outpatient gastrointestinal endoscopy examinations was $32.4 billion.

In a 2012 study} Twenty-plus scientists, many of which have their Ph.Ds, and you are basing your ideology and decision making process, about this this store, based on what you find on the internet? The person who invited you to see the store trusts you with the information; trusts that your open minds and frugal wallets are able to encapsulate it, in becoming a well informed consumer.


Did you read that they BOTH are on disability? I think your reply was harsh & critical. So far 7 of us have voted "no" to your reply.....not helpful.


Get off your high horse. Geeze, lady.

MOST people do NOT like all of the Melaleuca products. They might like a handful of items, but those won't get them the points they need without stock piling or spending well over $100 monthly.

Get over yourself. I bet you drive your kids nuts, if they even still talk to you at all.


Isn't it only 35 pts 6 times in 12 months? Unless I really understood wrong from my upline


It's 35 pts every month which is anywhere from $50-$75. It's easy to meet that goal tho bc there are soo many different products to try. Most ppl think it's just cleaning products.


If anyone wants to order as needed instead of monthly, i would let you use my membership to save money. Email me meganrsisko@gmail.com


I do about $70 a month! I can show you a small order!

@Kelli Everland

Could you possibly give me a couple examples under $50 to get 35 pts? I'd love it to include Melamagic, Sol-U-Mel+/or Sol-U-Guard, tough away (their version of Clorox wipes), dish soap, any essential oil besides Melaleuca, as I already have a .5ml bottle.

I'd appreciate it so so much!



if you want some products let me know i dont mind doing it to help you out.


I would like some prespot! If you can help out I would be love that!


If anyone is interested in ordering Melaluca I can help. You can email me at ssuarse@gmail.com I love their products not just their cleaning line but everything! It is good stuff!


Hi, I am in Ontario, Canada as well - between Kingston and Ottawa. Can I order through you but have shipped to me?

Alternatively - do you know anyone in this area who sells Melaleuca?

I want to switch to Melaleuca products (used to be a member years ago) but cannot afford 35 points every month. I am single and don't use that much - so probably would be purchasing every couple of months.

@Cynthia Collett

Did you find someone to help you with melaleuca products?

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