We love this product but want to stay as a preferred customer, as not interested in building a business but joined to support our daughter in building her Melaleuca business . We are both on a disability pension and finding it hard to find $100 dollars a month on an order.

As there is only 2 of us our products last a while.if we were able to order on as needed basis, which maybe a smaller order each month, it would suit our budget better.

Don't want to stop buying this product . Is there anyone else in the same position.

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I would just share with someone who already has an account. I love the products also, but do not need to order every month.

I am also on a tight budget. I mainly use the cleaning products and a few other items.


Looking to become a direct customer but why all the hassle of being referred? Can't I just sign up?


No complaints about the company, would just like to try out their products. Is there anyone in the Cocoa Beach, FL area that needs help in meeting their monthly points requirement?


Hi RTPAre you still interested in trying their products. We do not need to be in the same area.

I would be pleased to have your help. And happy to help you.


Hello there.I dont think most of these people understand youre on a BUDGET. You already know you HAVE the things you need, but yet they keep pushing with "get new referrals" or "switch out products".

Nothing wrong with that. But that is not a solution youre looking for. Youre asking how to be on budget. For that one a--hole who told you its your fault, just let him go *** himself.

Anyway, best answer as to a few of the people have been saying, just cancel your membership. Youll be buying the products whenever you WANT and NEED them, but they wont be discounted. NO problem with that lol.

Just PLEASE dont feel like you have to be pressured into buying Melaleuca products every month when you really dont need to and dont have the budget to. Itll save you $60+ too if youre only buying what you want/need, and remember, it doesnt have to be every month.


It's not appropriate to be calling anyone names! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Bottom line when someone enrolles it's stated in blank and white (in short) what is required by either being a basic customer no discount no min; or preferred customer with discount with a 35pt min. It's each individual to make the choice of the type of membership they want.

Not the company nor the enrollers. If they don't like it either change from preferred to basic customer or cancel the membership.


Blank and white lol

Paula D

Totally agree. Name calling because you think you've been duped when you just didn't read the short contract.

Melaleuca has a phone and all their employees are the nicest I have ever dealt with.

Pick up the phone. There is a lot of disingenuous comments on here.


Seems you must not realize that you don't have to purchase products each and every month. Although I find it a challenge to understand how you can go without buying day to day needed type consumables for any length of time, especially in view of the fact that Melaleuca offers over 500 products, I can explain how you can go months at a time without buying anything.

It's very simple to do, although not widely known.


You're missing what they are not saying. When they say things like that it's just an excuse because they don't either see the value of what they have or they were not properly educated on what the company offers. For most is obvious but for other not so.

Although you are correct I don't understand how someone can go any length of time with out buying the necessity's they for themselves or their household.


Please tell me how you can skip months with Melaleuca. Thanks!


You have to suspend your account then reactivate it when you want to use it. However you could end up loosing your discount if you are a preferred member.

The best thing is to just refer about 5 to 6 people to become customers.

When they purchase you will make enough to pay for your product use. Just a few people if you don't want to do the business.


Just suspend your account for any month you don't need anything. Keep in mind that you should spend all of your accumulated Loyalty Dollars the month before you plan to suspend because you will lose whatever you have accumulated.

That's really all you need to keep in mind, otherwise, you can turn off, turn on, turn off, etc... your account as often as you need.


I am not a member but would love to help someone in the Bay Area trying to reach their monthly points by occasionally purchasing through them. I had this arrangement with a friend in another state but have not been able to find someone in San Jose.


Please help me


What sort sort of help do you need?


Do you still want to order some order some melaleuca products? if so, email me at kinseyperrin@yahoo.com


I order the Peak performance vitamin packs every month and that is all that is required to earn more than my product points.


I’m actually here right now, after searching “most inexpensive 35 point melaleuca order”. I’m in the same boat.

I have a literal stock pile of melaleuca products that I love and use, but the minimum point requirement requires me to buy more than I need or will use. I don’t have the money or space to continue. If they even lowered their point requirement to 20, I’d be able to swing it.

I’ve been a life long lover of Melaleuca products.

My mom discovered them many years ago, and I grew up on their products. I moved to Texas and was able to get an membership and have been spending $80 Plus a month on a bare minimum order plus shipping! The only reason I’ve stick it out this long is because I really do love and believe in their products.

They ARE cost efficient (at least the cleaning stuff), and clean well, but I’ve bought all I need to buy for my family, and I really don’t need another 8 bottles of Tough and Tender laying around! I try to buy strategically (like I have a bottle of each: laundry detergent, softener, and brighter, on hand and add another bottle of whocher one I’m out of to the cart when I open the new bottle.


Hi Amanda, I love the products too I don't seem to have your problem I just a single guy but I constantly switch products each month and ordering the min give or take I easily use up what I get. I usually mix in consumable items like the snack bars or coffee pods; things like that.

I'm sure if I were a woman i'd be using a lot of the cosmetic and skin care items. There are so many different things that I find it hard to believe you're overstocking yourself. Perhaps you're just a creature of habit (which isn't a bad thing) and only get a few items all the time of the same thing. Then I can see this happening.

You can always share with others and have them buy from you.

Just to limit what you keep for yourself while maintaining the minimum order. Hope this helps

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