We love this product but want to stay as a preferred customer, as not interested in building a business but joined to support our daughter in building her Melaleuca business . We are both on a disability pension and finding it hard to find $100 dollars a month on an order.

As there is only 2 of us our products last a while.if we were able to order on as needed basis, which maybe a smaller order each month, it would suit our budget better.

Don't want to stop buying this product . Is there anyone else in the same position.

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Through a new program, you can be set up as a buyer on your daughters account and order products on your own credit card shipped to you. I live on $750/a month and have been buying $150 or more every month for 19 years.

Anyone can afford it if they want to. I have medical costs out of pocket that are around $150-200 a month. I live in a tiny apartment and don't spend money on anything but rent, food, medical and Melaleuca products. I would never give them up.

The products don't make me sick and they last forever. Pay attention to all the things you buy on your grocery bill or drugstore or Costco that you count as grocery purchases.


Yes I agree with you...hi admin pleasr consider people like us whi joined membership for the sake of using the products for ourselves. Please be more linient to us

to Syen #1541712

We all use the products we buy. It is a wholesale buying club.

No one sticks products or sells them or purchases inventory.

We are ALL customers. Happy customers.


I'm not sure I completely understand your question. We use ALL the products we buy and do so regularly.

That's why we go through over 100 points worth per month. It's seems you are thinking we sell the products. It's against company policy to sell them to others. You say, "if Melaleuca had better products...".

I find the quality better than what I can buy locally, plus the prices are better at Melaleuca.

There are over 500 products to choose from. Sorry, but I don't understand what you are getting at.


I just became a preferred customer because the membership fee for July was $1.00! Yes!

I called Melaleuca's line and someone from my area called me back the same day. I had to do my enrollment with him on the phone and as a requirement he presented me the products via Skype. I was wondering about what happens if you DO NOT reach the 35 points?

Do you get kicked out of being a preferred member? Thanks, Julia

to Julia #1528440

It's not worth not reaching at least 35 points because you lose out on the 30% - 50% discounts. If you don't anticipate reaching 35 points, just put your account on hold.


My family consists of husband and wife only, and we purchase between 120 - 150 points worth of product monthly. Why?

Because I'd be spending the money elsewhere and spending more if it were not for Melaleuca.Put it this way, if I only bought 35 points worth at Melaleuca, I would be having to shop elsewhere for the things needed and obtain lesser quality products while spending more for them.My brother initially refused to shop at Melaleuca. His reason? He said, "I am the sole income earner for the family and I buy everything at the Dollar Store". Let's just say, he is SUPER cheap.

Well, he reluctantly gave Melaleuca a try because of their 90 day 100% money back guarantee and has been buying monthly for over 5 years.Obviously he sees the value shopping at Melaleuca.35 points is a joke. Any who claim they have a hard time reaching that minimum means they are shopping elsewhere for products that they must not realize Melaleuca offers. So sad because those complainers are ironically those who rant about their fixed income and yet they turn around and spend more for products at other stores.Make absolutely no sense.Another complaint is this thing about the idea of having to purchase MONTHLY!

This is also not true because accounts can be put on hold for free at any time for up to 6 months. Realistically, though, if a person goes that long without buying day to day necessities, they or their homes must stink, or they must have died.


I ordered the supplements monthly for 50+ which is about 42 points. I'm sorry this isn't working out for you.

to Brneda #1527943

Because they are the manufacturer, their products cost more as they only have one customer, and that's the marketing arm of the manufacturing part. Apple does not own a single factory, yet they out sell every other phone company when it comes to profits.

How can they do that? Easy, as they use contract manufacturers who don't get paid if it doesn't meet their standards. Melaleuca requires that you buy every month, even if you don't need anything, in order to keep their factories running. That's why I love my company.

And we have a better line of wellness, weight loss, skin and body care, along with sports Performance nutrition and now they have the best CBD product on the market.

Can't tell you here. Yes, I was in Melaleuca briefly.


There are just two of us in the house also---'retirement age', but we do all of our shopping with Melaleuca, and we use about 250 product points every month just for us. We cannot afford NOT to use the products because nearly all of them cost less than the store brands we used before, and they are much better, without toxic chemicals.

Love it. Especially Kona coffee, and the organic popcorn!

to JoMamma #1519042

I agree with you 100%. It is my husband and myself but with our supplements and changing where we shop we spend much more than the required 35 points and as you said we have all non toxic, eco friendly products. I wish more people realized the value of this company and the need to get rid of the toxins.

to JoMamma #1519076

Yup me too just love all the products I save a ton of money every month. Also by having referred the customers I have it completely covers all my products. I'm more than happy to help anyone to become a member simply email me at chuckduarte1@gmail.com


Yes, this point system needs to go. There are some people on fixed incomes and trying to pay about $100 each month on products is way too much.

It has been discussed with the company but they seem disinterested.

It seems like they only look at their profit margins. I know several people that wish they would change this.

to 4As #1499914

All they need to do is switch to be a regular customer and there is no monthly min. Also compared so several other companies their monthly minimum is way more than this company.

Personally I generally don't pay more than $72 each month on average usually is $68 to achieve my min point requirements which includes tax and shipping. The amount a persons buys is their own choice there are alternatives to reduce the cost.

to 4As #1500781

People!!! Stop shopping at places other than Melaleuca!

If you do that, even if you are on a "fixed income", you will have no problem reaching any "minimum" at Melaleuca.People on a fixed budget need Melaleuca even more than those who don't because Melaleuca will save you money, not to mention the health benefits.Of the 500 products Melaleuca offers, are some of the items more than some discount dollar store brand? Yes. However, most of Melaleuca's products cost less.It seems to me that people simply don't realize the magnitude of what is in the Melaleuca store. The result is that they shop at local stores and spend more money than what they could have spent at Melaleuca for their replacement product.Think about it, how is it possible that some on a "fixed budget" end up with more money in their pocket at the end of the month because of shopping at Melaleuca compared to what they used to buy elsewhere?

And yet others complain about Melaleuca's monthly minimum.

The only difference with the two is that the latter don't know that the local products they are still buying are available for less at Melaleuca.GET FAMILIAR WITH THE MELALEUCA STORE and stop spending your "fixed income" money elsewhere. You can't afford NOT to shop at Melaleuca.

to clearvu #1541716

So right. I think most of these complaints have to be from peop!e in multi level marketing companies trying to give Melaleuca a bad name.

I am one of the poorest people in this country and I have placed an order every month for over 19 years.

I actually had to live in my car for 2 months, but I still got my vitamins because I would never be without. Our products are the most affordable you can buy.


Same boat. Limited income. Would still order but Melaleuca only cares about enhancing lives when those lives make more than the average.

to Anonymous #1489522

The only people who have a hard time purchasing Melaleuca products monthly are those who keep shopping at other stores. The ironic thing is that they end up spending more money doing so.Simply switch to the Melaleuca store for all your consumables and you will have no problem meeting the 35 points minimum.

My goodness, it's only me and my husband in my family and we can't buy less than 100 - 150 points per month no matter how hard we try.The only way I could manage to go down to 35 points would be to shop for the products I need from local stores, but why would I want to do that and spend more money for lesser quality products.Take the time to discover what the store offers.

There are over 500 products! Or put it this way, there are over 5,000 points of products.

to clearvu #1493306

I was a distributor and had to quit. There are only a few things that my family could use from Melaleuca.

I ended up having a whole stock of lotions, cleaning agents and soap., etc...And we do not buy out.

I am not interested in the business aspect of it. But I do like the products.So there are many that needed to quit because of the same reasons.

to Tes #1493316

Tes,A person can purchase products one month and then not buy anything the following month, or even go 5 months without buying anything.The point is that this is an extremely convenient and flexible shopping club.

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