We love this product but want to stay as a preferred customer, as not interested in building a business but joined to support our daughter in building her Melaleuca business . We are both on a disability pension and finding it hard to find $100 dollars a month on an order.

As there is only 2 of us our products last a while.if we were able to order on as needed basis, which maybe a smaller order each month, it would suit our budget better.

Don't want to stop buying this product . Is there anyone else in the same position.

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I have friends who will order for other people on their points. They charge the preferred price plus tax, s/h and 10% of the preferred price, payment up front.

I have rejoined Melaleuca (had to opt out when my husband had to quit work) but I have ordered from them. It was a win win. Now my 2 adult daughters and I order together. We all have detergent allergies and melaluca detergent saves us $3 just off the shelf price and it lasts longer and works better.

The girls were so excited when I suggested we do this because they remember the melaluca products from their childhood.

We order our 12-13 points each. Works good!


I just want to knows the initial cost??? I know what I can handle each month, but can't seem to get a straight answer on the initial cost!???


A one year membership is only $19. Sometimes there are promotions whereby the cost is less.

Keep in mind that regardless of the membership cost, all new customers also receive $100 to start shopping. You can call 800-485-7913 for details.


Yes i have experience the same problem. My husband was in the hospital and Iwas the anyone working and couldn't afford that. It would be nice to order when needed.


You can just be a regular customer and you can purchase when ever you want. It's only if you are a preferred member that you need to buy a minimum every month.

Were you not told this? I have a lot of people that are just customers.


Hi, If someone purchases as a regular customer, do you still receive a referral commission on their order?


Yes you do


Hi Chuck, I would like to order a few products from you. May I?


Yes, I dont like to make purchase every month. I want to order when I need it, not monthly


When I hit a slump in finance and can't make my 35 points I call and ask to be put on direct buy. Then I call back and reup my preferred status when able.

I've had to do this a couple not times over the years. Don't know how it would affect your daughter account


Cancel your membership. It is easy to do.

As long as you start shopping before six months, you can shop without another enrollment fee. Melaleuca never makes someone order each month. You can not order anytime with a cancellation form.

Ask your daughter to help you do this. It is easy


I know this is an older post,but hopefully the original poster got everything straightened out. 35 points may not be ideal for some households, but just ordering the basics like shampoo,conditioner, laundry soap is affordable.I have a family of seven so we use almost close to 200 plus points a month, and I am just a customer.


Good to know, I will due the one dollar membership order what I need for awhile then cancel and do it again in a few years

Paula D

Through a new program, you can be set up as a buyer on your daughters account and order products on your own credit card shipped to you. I live on $750/a month and have been buying $150 or more every month for 19 years.

Anyone can afford it if they want to. I have medical costs out of pocket that are around $150-200 a month. I live in a tiny apartment and don't spend money on anything but rent, food, medical and Melaleuca products. I would never give them up.

The products don't make me sick and they last forever. Pay attention to all the things you buy on your grocery bill or drugstore or Costco that you count as grocery purchases.


Yes I agree with you...hi admin pleasr consider people like us whi joined membership for the sake of using the products for ourselves. Please be more linient to us

Paula D

We all use the products we buy. It is a wholesale buying club.

No one sticks products or sells them or purchases inventory.

We are ALL customers. Happy customers.

@Paula D

This comment is scary...I came here worried that Melaleuca was a Pyramid Scheme. Now I'm worried that it's a cult.


Were you ever helped? If not email me chuckduarte1@gmail.com


I'm not sure I completely understand your question. We use ALL the products we buy and do so regularly.

That's why we go through over 100 points worth per month. It's seems you are thinking we sell the products. It's against company policy to sell them to others. You say, "if Melaleuca had better products...".

I find the quality better than what I can buy locally, plus the prices are better at Melaleuca.

There are over 500 products to choose from. Sorry, but I don't understand what you are getting at.


If you’re not supposed to sell to other people, then why do they show regular price and preferred customer price?

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