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Melaleuca does Ask all preferred customers to make a minimum purchase of 35 points per month, which equals approximately 4 to six products at an approximate cost of $70 in US dollars. These are ideally products you already buy from the big box retailers. So, there is no negative impact to ones budget. Also, that monthly amount is less than $20 per week. Hence, this is not new money and therefore not a monthly deduction. This is money used for items one already purchases. Now Melaleuca Business Model does provide for revenue sharing for those that refer customers and a portion of the monecy paid by the customer does come from those purchases. However, it is not the total amount paid.

The point system is designed for the single person. Additionally, the point system allows Melaleuca to efficiently operate in 18 other countries without implementing a currency exchange system. This, of course, keeps operating cost down allowing Melaleuca to invest more money in higher quality ingredients and research. Unfortunately, most of us as consumers are not use to shopping in points. So, it is an adjustment that one would have to chose to make if they desired to shop at Melaleuca.

Also, the reorder option (aka Backup Order) is only shipped if you don’t cancel or of you don’t make a minimum purchase of 35 points by the last day of the month. The backup order can be customized to those items that one wants to receive. However, if one cancels by the last day of the month by midnight, the backup order is not shipped. Given that Melaleuca is a month to month Program, this method provides the company with the ability to forecast Customer preferences much more effectively and operate as a Just In Time Manufacture. These method also allows the to provide customers with products the are shipped soon after they are manufactured, which positive impact on the freshness of the products.

Last, the Melaleuca Program is about a lifestyle change to use safer nontoxic products back by science and many United States Patents. A company with a 32 year track record in 19 countries and growth to the $2Billion mark. This type of growth to this level only happens by serving customers with high quality products. Melaleuca is not a scam. I am so sorry your experience with your presenter was not a good one for you. Given this information, I hope you will reconsider Melaleuca as a viable safe option for you and your family. Written on Thursday, 1 March 2018.

Reason of review: Great Company.

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Sticky web? I guess that's how they got their triple A rating with the BBB, eh?

And 2 billion dollars in annual sales and a customer re-order rate monthly of 96.4%. Is that how they did it?

to jarge #1458088

Easy it is called lying deceiving and manipulatingPeople to believe them! Are you really that naive????Come on reading these post is like the old SNAKE OIL SCAM!!!!!


Nice sales pitch. However, Melaleuca is a sticky web. THINK!

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