Idaho Falls, Idaho
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I am a huge advocate of daily shower cleaners since I HATE scrubbing bathtubs and showers with disgusting soap *** (but unfortunately also hate dirty showers and bathtubs). This product already seems to be an excellent value, since you dilute it with water, and each 473 mL bottle turns into three 24-ounce bottles. The biggest drawback is that you either have to have a spare spray bottle or buy theirs for $1.99 (which gives you no points towards your 25 point quota) in order to mix it.

Since I'm thrifty (or cheap, whatever) I hung onto my Tilex bottle once it was done, cleaned it well and mixed the No Work in that. It has a nice, fresh scent and seems to be keeping the soap *** and mineral stains at bay. You can also buy this product in a "Pantry Pack" (sort of like buying in bulk) of 2 for a bit more in the way of savings. That was actually the route I took, figuring I use shower cleaner at least once a day and will probably easily use up both bottles in the next few months.

So far, I'm impressed.

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