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If you've been approached about how you can make money just by referring people to their "shop club" please click on the photo below. This is their 2018 Income Disclosure Statement from their own website.

As you can see, you literally only have a 0.8% chance of averaging $23,000 a year.Not even a 1% chance. Yikes! With that average, you would also have to average 575 ACTIVE customers. So whether that's people who are buying products or people who you also recruit into your "opportunity" aka downline. Yes, it's an MLM, lol... And to average $564 a YEAR, you would need to average having 20 active customers. So let's break that down.

Say with products,shipping, tax that you have to buy every month, you're looking at $70 a month, which equals $840 a year... Now let's add any trainings, marketing, conferences etc, and you could easily be over $1,000 in the negative in just one year.

Now 11% average $2,000 a year. To get that you would also have to average 75 active customers. So for an 11% chance would you really want to bust your *** getting 75 people to sign up or under you just to make maybe $500 a year after the expenses of buying your own products, trainings,marketing ,conferences etc?

Also,before ever joining ANY MLM, please go Google "MLM FTC Study" Our own government published the findings on MLM's and has shown that 99% of people who join them actually lose money, so keep that in mind when someone is telling you that they're making tons of money. The truth is, 99% of people are not making anything. They tell you this to sucker you into the scheme as well.

Reason of review: You can't make any money working for them.

  • Deceptive Income Claims
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