Midlothian, Virginia
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I don't use enough of your product to justify the monthly orders, I have returned orders, e-mailed, tried to contact John Travett all to no avail - please let me out of this constant ordering. I like your products, I recommend your products, but I can't keep up with the huge amount you expect us to order each month.

YOu sent me another order last week; I don't want it - please send me a return label and give my my money back then let me go. Thank you.

There are only three of us, we have a huge back log of food, cleaning products, even hand lotion. It's all good stuff, but we don't need this much!

Thank you!

Rebecca Skinner

Reason of review: We don't need $75 worth of stuff every month; I sent back duplicate order, resigned and you sent me another order..

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Melaleuca Pros: I love their products in general.

Melaleuca Cons: How i felt entraped, Minimum monthly payments, I felt a bit deserted when john left the area.

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Negative Option Billing is unlawful in Ontario. They may not do this. Complain loudly and watch the CBC Marketplace segment called "Snake in The Grass".


I have to agree with Tammy. It really is not difficult to cancel your 'backup order', which is probably why you continue to automatically get products each month.

You are also not obligated to buy a certain amount each month, however if you don't meet the minimum amount to stay preferred, you lose the discounts available.

This is not a scam nor it is challenging, but you do have to be informed and do you own due diligence.


Wow!!! Just download a cancel form and be done with it!!

It takes like 5 minutes, why complain to the company on this vent page when I doubt Melaleuca is reading this? This isn't rocket science.



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