1.You can cancel Melaleuca in writing by the end of any month-fax or mail it to melaleuca.

2. Whoever got an order without ordering received a back up order he following month that is refundable-

You just didn't lose any benefits like

a. Receiving a check

b. belonging to LifeLock ID Theft protection

c. Home security with residuals

d. wholesale products without the chemicals at grocery store prices

e. the marketplace where you can shop on line at over 650 retailers and receive up to 15% cash back and much more.

f. Health Care at a discount for $24.95 a month for family

If you enrolled through 3rd party verification this is in the recording.

The many reasons why the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau in Idaho backs melaleuca.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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The written cancellation is in compliance with consumer rights protection regulations...so it is unlawful for Melaleuca not to require written cancellation requirement regarding the services provided and the products used.

It's not because of an "evil account canceller". Conversely, it takes verifiable personal information to enroll in the first place so as no one could fraudulently purchase items under a false identity.

Even though you find it hard to believe, someone out there wants part of the 1.2Billion a year in sales and 3.6 Billion in commissions that have been paid....and some want to do it fraudulently. They see our legitimate sales numbers and figure they can do it better.

With Melalueca being in the top 100 e-commerce sites in the world, dishonest people always want to find a way to get in on the action. So beware of the "evil account cancellers"...lol


Pyramid scheme, much?


Lets not forget their high shipping prices and high monthly minimum requirements, if that is not enough bad the fact they are not cruelty free is, at least for some of us who cares about the well beings of others.


High shipping? I just got and order that cost me $165.00 and the shipping was $9.00...can't beat that you have no idea what you are talking about!