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Save your money! Multi level marketing company.

WalMart or your favorite drug store has products better than Melaleuca for alot less money!!

What you are paying for is a pyramid of distributors who get checks every month from the products being sold. It costs less than 50 cents to make shampoo that retails for $16.00! Thats a rip off. Oh of course, its made with oil from a freakin tree!!

There must be a sucker born every minute!! Plus on top of the price, you pay a hefty handling and shipping charge!

Melaleuca is making money from shipping charges? Wow that takes nerve!!

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Many people get "confused" because Melaluca is lying when they claim not to be a MLM.

You buy, you sell to somebody, you get other people to buy-in and start selling. That is, by definition, Multi-level-marketing.


Melaleuca is not a MLM. Seriously, when you become a customer you are given a presentation and a kitt (membership fee) in that kit you have all the information you need, if you honestly don't read the information that its your own fault. Melaleuca has amazing safe products, my family and I have had their prroducts in our home for 15 yrs and if they are in business after 25 years, hummmmm reason I'm sure there is.


If it sounds to good to be true it is.......

It may be listed as a non-MLM company; however if you want to receive your checks, you need to market it to at least 10 people, and they need to market to at least 10 people.

Oh and don't forget you are required to spen x amount of $'s every month to earn your points, then you will start getting checks.

If by chance you sucker oh I mean sell enough people on it then you might start making money. Bull *** can be packaged to look like roses, it's still Bull ***


Before you clowns make comments, do you research!!


Ask anyone who wants you to become part of the "business". Its a scam all the way!


tell me more


I have purchased products from the dollar store and I have used products from salons. I notice a difference in quality and feel with regard to my hair and skin.

I have sampled a few of melaleuca's products through a friend and I believe they have quality ingredients. I have also been given a demonstration on how this company markets their products. It sounds like you have never been given the proper information to make an informed decition with regard to getting involved.

Sounds like you weren't given all the details. That is the fault of the person that indroduced you to the products/company.


MLM multi-level marketing? check the IRS webpage ...

Melaleuca is listed as a NON-MLM.

Translation for the lame NON MULTI LEVEL MARKETING Company. Again do some research befor eyou go blowing smoke.


Global Consulting: Lol ;)

As for the original the labels sometime on those "better" products and then go read up on the MSDS on some of them and what they do to your body. I'm educated on the cumulative and carcinogenic effect these chemicals have on your body from daily exposure; you clearly are not. If you were, you wouldn't make such crass statements.

To say that it's a rip off is simply incorrect. The products are concentrated. Sure, one bottle of cleaner concentrate may cost slightly more than one diluted bottle of whatever at walmart, but you are getting multiple bottles in one with Melaleuca, hence the reason it is called concentrate...You do the math. By the way, have you ever been able to get SHARPIE off your wall with any of your "better" cleaners? Yes? Ok, but I meant WITHOUT taking the paint off with it? My Melaleuca cleansers can do that. And I won't be sneezing and coughing after being exposed to them, either.

You're right, the company has a pyramid design--JUST LIKE ANY OTHER COMPANY IN EXISTENCE! This is why everyone who works at a typical job is not a CEO. Of course there are different levels of achievement, compensated accordingly. With Melaleuca, as with any typical job, with higher achievement, comes more responsibility. The difference is that YOU are in control of your success, NOT your peers or your boss, like in corporate America. Believe me, I've done both so I do know what I'm talking about!

So I guess it's safe to assume that you are against entrepreneurs and other small business owners, then? I guess if you would rather buy "better" leading brands and help them subsidize their advertising costs than buy something better for you and the environment, and do so for no reward at all, go ahead. I, however, will choose to support the small business sector and continue to be rewarded just by switching to safer alternatives for my family.


Virtually every statement you make points to an agenda. Not to mention the obvious bloviating.

A child could discern that you don't have a clue what you're talking about. Product costs, shipping costs, pyramid schemes, etc.... every claim you make is pathetic and unsubstantiated.

Get some facts, back them with proof, and contribute to the forum as an adult. Until then, go troll under some other bridge.

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